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The spirits have been sent back to their slumbers...! Yuno — 11/01/18 (Thu) 05:19:51

Our total has been tallied up, and the count is final:

Trick: 209
Treat: 207

Thank you to everyone who participated in the third Samachan Festival. Stay tuned for what's in store!

Come join us for our Halloween Stream! Yuno — 10/27/18 (Sat) 19:43:56

Come join us for our spooky Halloween stream!

The stream is hosted at, 7PM EST, every day from now until Halloween night.

The spooky schedule is:
27th: Pokemon 22-24, Non Non Biyori 6, Nisekoi 10
28th: Ayakashi 9-11, Ika Musume 3, Gakkou Gurashi 2
29th: Mushishi 21, Ghost Hound 1, LWA OVA, K-On 10
30th: Hells
31st: The Nightmare Before Christmas

SamaFES 2018! Yuno — 10/25/18 (Thu) 04:26:34

Details on SamaFES 2018 have been posted! Check out the "Events" page to read more!

Congratulations to Live! Yuno — 08/28/18 (Tue) 04:14:44

You've reached a milestone and the homosexual community will always remember this as their crowning achievement.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Samachan! Yuno — 05/25/18 (Fri) 05:24:37

Happy Birthday to the best anime imageboard on the internet!

I definitely didn't think I'd be doing this for a year, and I didn't think I'd be doing it for 3 years after that too. I'm glad to still be doing it after this long, though.
I'm super happy with the success of Live and how people enjoy the board! It hasn't been up for a year yet, but in the period of time it's been up, it's definitely brought a new sense of community to the site.
To all the regulars, this one is for you. Thanks for sticking with us this long, and thanks for all the great things you guys do around here.
To everyone, thanks for using Samachan. We couldn't do it without you.

Let's go for three more years!