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File: 1495969794431.jpg (1.38 MB, 1200x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Looks like it was too big to just die after all.


For some reason I can't access the site, could someone please ping the site's host ip and post it?


Neat. I signed up and read a chapter to try it out; the site itself seems mostly functional (or at least usable) already, though it looks like they're still working on uploading all the old content. I'm glad it went smoothly this time.
It's on Cloudflare, so you can't actually access it directly via IP.


This image is more interesting to me than the thread at the moment, but I haven’t masturbated in a week.

Thanks on the batoto replacement info though, I’ll stay updated on it.


Well she's basically the best thing about Trinity Seven, so it's not surprising. It had a promising start, too - what a waste.


It's the same guys as Anidex which has lag problems for me. If you can't go on anidex that might be why?


Anidex is working fine for me, it might be a problem with my IP. I've manually edited my host file with their IP and I can access it now.


Speaking of which, what are the benefits of signing up?


It doesn't look like you need to sign up to read anything so I presume it's the same as you would expect
It doubles as a backlog tracker and update-notifier so if you read lots of manga you could use it to keep track of what you're reading
Like what Batoto accounts were for, before they made it mandatory to read anything at all.


Is anyone else having problems accessing mangaupdates?


Just tried, it's working fine for me. Something's wrong on your end.


Thanks, it's working now.

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