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File: VinlandSaga-Askeladd-Artor….png (403.59 KB, 970x1400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Dang, it's happening.
I wonder if they'll do it justice aside from the art at least, since it's impossible for them to do the art justice.
WIT studios, no date yet.


If you'd asked me to name a popular manga I expect to see made into anime, I wouldn't have guessed Vinland Saga in a million years.
I'll watch, but I'm sure it's going to be ruined by censorship.


Censorship? Of what
It's only mildly bloody, and isn't WIT the same people who did SnK?


I've been waiting this for ages but at the same time I'm worried. A lot could go right, but a lot could also go wrong.


Assuming it's 2-cour, we're not getting to Farmland Saga, so the 'worst' part of the manga (at the very least, certainly the slowest part) won't be adapted. We might not even get to Askeladd's resolution.
My biggest fear is how they handle Thors and Askeladd. It's a shame that they won't be able to get to Thorfinn's character development.
Also I sure hope the fights look cool and they don't try to skip over the purposeful values dissonance the author invokes.


My guess is that they'll end at the death of Askeladd since it's such a huge turning point for Thorfinn and the next season can continue from farmland. Farmland itself isn't even bad and I hate it when people criticize it because it's not vikings carrying boats, but what I fear is the possible shitposting and drama between manga readers and the anime only watchers. I've seen it happen several times and it's always a fucking bummer when two parts of technically the same fanbase just have to constantly be at each other's throats.


Farmland Saga isn't bad, it's actually in my opinion better than the arc we're currently in (although I'll say Thorfinn finally needing to come to terms with the fact that not killing anyone is sometimes just as bad as killing everyone is pretty good - if he doesn't get over it I foresee that the ending of Vinland Saga might well be him becoming disillusioned that it's not paradise in Vinland). It's just dangerous to adapt because unless they make the character development clear, it feels like nothing is happening for like 4-5 episodes.

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