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File: 俺が…百合!_【フルカラー】 (1)0001.png (1.59 MB, 1128x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Anybody else been reading this?
How come gender bender yuri is so rare? You'd think more dudes would be into having lesbian sex than fucking a girl who used to be a man or getting fucked by men.


Genderbend Yuri is the best. I was hoping that Boku Girl would've had the big titty girl win (the name eludes me) but whatever.
This is a good manga so far, of the two chapters I've read at the very least. Hopefully it doesn't keep going into a "I've gotta go back, Doc!", but seeing as the second chapter ends with the MC turning back into a male, I don't think that's likely.


I think because you're supposed to self-insert into the dude they're fucking. Either way wow picked up, how many chapters are out / translated so far?
By the way it's seriously sad that you'd probably get more replies making a new thread than using the dedicated manga thread.


Ah I just checked, it's only eight chapters long in Japan. That's terrible…


Is it still publishing? Or is it finished?


Finished. Disappointing, but longer than most yuri gender bender manga. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Translation is slowly creeping along and only up to chapter 2.

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