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It finally got translated. I thought it was a huge waste as the source material was rather decent and the va was pretty good. I suppose it wasn't a priority for JC Staff and ended up with a pitiful budget. It might've been better to delay it to air it at a different time with them already doing 3 other anime this season but maybe there are issues with broadcasting slots. I hope it could still end up being one of those shows that are so bad that it's good. It's still going to be a guilty pleasure viewing for me as long as the group subbing it continues to release episodes.


Yeah, it sucks, I was really looking forward to it.
The worst thing about shit adaptions isn't even the fact that they're shit to me, it's the fact that there won't be some sort of remastered edition that isn't as shit.


That's kinda disappointing to hear. Is the manga worth reading?


I don't know. I'm liking it. Sure, it's tracing+powerpoint animation, but it's still pretty funny. And it actually kinda fits it. Somewhat reminds me of Detroit Metal City's animation, and that one's a jewel.

>needing subs
git gud. 50 fucking times. Drink beer. Meanwhile, I already watched and laughed my ass off to episode 2.


Depends on your sense of humour I suppose, it is to me.

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