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The osomatsuing of old anime continues ( are they just going to do this with all of Akatsuka's stuff?)!
I think this is trying a little too hard, but I laughed a few times, and Mama's a hottie.


>are they just going to do this with all of Akatsuka's stuff?

After the success of Osomatsu-san, more than likely.
I actually liked Osomatsu-san though, so I'll watch it.


I loved Osomatsu-san, but I think it got old before the end of the second season, so it bothers me to see another show that seems to be doing something so similar. I hope Bakabon's got some surprises. It would actually be hilarious (and pretty awesome) to me if the rest of the show were just a straight modernized remake after that first episode.


I think so as well. I enjoyed it for the most part but it really overstayed its welcome towards the end. If this is just another Osomatsu-san, I probably won't give it more than a few episodes, but hopefully it'll surprise me.


I liked when the policeman shit his pants.


I've been drinking.


Is anybody else still watching?
The shitty animation bit this week was pretty funny. Why was TV Tokyo a talking condom?

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