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Has Samachan been watching the Godzilla anime movies?
What do you think them/it so far?

I've heard complaints about the protagonist but I actually like him and think he serves the role well. Godzilla being a fucking tree is pretty lame but they did a good job (at least at the end of the first film) showcasing his power.
The second film had even less Godzilla screentime that Godzilla films with very low Godzilla screentime, though. The first time he moves is over a full hour in.
I liked the brown normal sized versions of the Shobijin, though, and the re-imaginings of Ghidorah and Mothra were really creative, just a shame Godzilla himself is so dull.


I thought the first one was mostly terrible, but the second one was better. The animation is ugly.
Overall, I've liked them enough to keep watching.


I really like it
I don't see why people dislike the protagonist. It's not like the average Godzilla humanprotagonist is much more memorable. "fuckgodzillakillgodzilla" is the logical conclusion for a human main character in Godzilla

Godzilla is fucking great in this. You really feel his power, how fucking huge he is.

I wish they animated the stuff that happens in the prequel novel instead though. It's a big kaiju apocalypse that sounds way cooler than what we actually got.

Moth humans are a really great addition to the franchise.

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