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What are you looking forward to, Samachan?
For me this looks really, really dull as a season. Probably only going to watch Girly Air Force and Bermuda Triangle so's I can laugh at unintentional chair force humor and see cute mermaid girls doing cute mermaid things.
Really just want Spring to come already so I can get Majimojo Rurumo S2 and Hitori Bocchi.


File: 1531441053215.png (561.86 KB, 1018x734) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh I'll also watch Endro~! since it has a perfect klone of Kaosu in it.


The only things for sure I'll watch are girly airforce since it reminds me of arpeggio of blue steel but with planes.
Kyoua mo kotobuki hikoutai, which I think I saw a PV of at some point in time and thought it looked neat.
Egao no Daika since I give most mecha at least a shot.
And Kaguya since the manga's been pretty fun.

Other than that I'll probably end up picking up stuff the rest of sama chooses to watch.


Crap, this is really early for a thread huh
Uh…yeah I guess I'll give DaL III a shot because Kurumi, Bermuda Triangle, there's Kaguya-sama, so that. Ueno-san is airing, so I might give that a try. Tate no Yuusha is going to be rubbish but I'll watch it anyway because I love eating shit.
I might give Kemono Friends a shot but the radio silence there is less than promising.
Also, holy fuck what is that Ikki Tousen? Why? How? And didn't Kakegurui bomb? How is it getting another season?


Dororo, I really liked Osamu Tezuka's manga so I hope this will be a good adaptation. Generally I don't like old series that gets rebooted like Fujio Akatsuka's stuff and YU-NO but the trailer so far hasn't really put me off and Mappa is a decent studio plus the director has a decent portfolio(including Binchou-tan!).

Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! looks interesting from its trailer and it's Doga Kobo so I will watch that and Endro!.

There are a couple of cg animes that I will give a chance and another one or two that caught my eye.

I'm definitely looking forward to Hitoribocchi, I hope it will be better than Mitsuboshi at least.


I too think it's early for this thread, but at least that dude at fufufu who's always upset that we make our seasonal thread some three days after them will be happy this time around.

My a priori must-watches are the Yaoyorozu thing, bandori S2 and the unexplainable chibi spin-off of that anime that 3 people watched.

I'll also try egao no daika (hopefully the robots won't get in the way of the prepubescent girl heart-throbbing), pastel memories, girly air force, hanayome (though I'm disappointed Ayaneru won't voice everyone after all), endro~!, circlet princess, flying babies, hikoutai, Ueno-san, and the Doga Kobo gay pedo anime.


What was wrong with Mitsuboshi Colours?

>that dude at fufufu who's always upset that we make our seasonal thread some three days after them
Why would he even give a shit wtf


It's not great.


Y-yeah well, I think it's just fine…
Seriously though what was the problem with it? I thought everything was pretty decent; OK pacing, good art, no real QUALITY…


Exactly, it's only decent. I think the source material deserves better treatment and hitoribocchi even more so.


>dude at fufufu
Imagine using that shit site lol


Oh, I see what you meant
"Not Great" as in Not "Great". Alright fair enough. I'm not sure how it could've been improved on, though.

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