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File: 4th wall whats that.png (3.71 MB, 720x6277) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


What does Samachan think of 4th wall breaks?
Do they pull you out of the story and remind you it's fake, or make the characters feel more real since they acknowledge they're characters in a manga?
I used to feel the former but have been feeling the latter recently.


File: [HorribleSubs] Jashin-chan….jpg (158.49 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I like it, I think it can help with delivering some fun comedy as long as its done well.


I think it depends on the tone but in a comedy or something kinda silly I like them, I think it's funny


Breaking the 4th wall has to be done subtly (like in Lord of the Rings) or only in comedy skits, and even then it can break the show. The only real way it works in serious shows is if it's done in such a way that it could be construed as just talking to someone else in the show, or if there's a character whose entire purpose is to break the fourth wall, for drama or for plot but NOT for comedy (because if you do it for comedy you generally have a serious tone clash and a worldbuilding issue aside).


I'm not a huge fan of 4th wall breaks but as long as they don't do it constantly It's fine. I don't think that it makes the characters feel more real unless it's a story about time-traveling or alternate dimensions or something along those lines.


they suck in 99% of cases but in the 1% where they do work they are simply amazing


jashin-chan was weird because apparently the manga didn't have nearly as many 4WBs as the anime did


To be honest you could apply this to literally any device. Or even just anime in general.


>Breaking the 4th wall has to be done subtly (like in Lord of the Rings)
when did they do this?


File: Hey dol merry dol.jpg (240.56 KB, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I think he means this glorious bastard. Wouldn't know since he wasn't in the movies.
Either that or Smeagol/Gollum.


Well yeah Bombadil counts but I was thinking of a specific point in the text of the story where Frodo says something to the effect of "and this is the part, roughly, where the kids would do well to say, 'dad, we don't want to hear anything more, let's read another story'."
I think it was some time around either the mountain before Moria, or the night at Weathertop, but I could be completely full of fucking shit

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