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Playing through any visual novels or other games samachan?


>Playing through any visual novels or other games samachan?
Not currently but I'm definitely going to be buying Sekiro on Friday and giving it a try. I'll definitely post about it and I look forward to hearing Samachan's experience with the game.


I've played bits of it and it's been interesting and fun thus far. Unfortunately my GPU didn't really meet the minimum requirements and is randomly crashing and I have to play on the lowest possible setting which takes away a lot from the game. I'm wondering if I should get a new card.


File: 20190322011835_1.jpg (277.18 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've played about 6 hours so far, very fun game. Combat and movement are very different from Dark Souls but I like it a lot. Grappling around is very fun, and so is the fast paced parry-based sword combat. I'm still unlearning managing a stamina bar and my dodge having i-frames which has led to me dying a lot. I already have 3 rot essences! I'm still confused as to how the heck the resurrection mechanic and the dragon rot all work but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.

I got a little stuck on the Chained Ogre boss (his lunging grab is so hard to dodge!) but now I'm in a canyon with a big snake who does not like me very much. It's a pretty cool set piece. There was another route I could have taken but it was a scary cave with a warning outside of it. I went far enough in to see some kinda pale hunched over goblin with a big glowing sword and chickened out.


video games are for children


I'm not yet as far as ahead as you are but I agree the fast paced combat is very fun. Most people probably had a lot of trouble playing it like DS and I did too but I'm adopting a Tenchu approach and it really reminds me of the series.


I have not played Tenchu but I've heard people make the comparison. I just got to the point where I unlocked the skill trees, they add a lot of cool options to combat which I'm excited for. I got an ability that lets me stomp down on an incoming thrust with a well-timed dodge towards which is so much fun to use on spear dudes. The game does a good job of making you feel like a super powered ninja while still being rewardingly difficult.

I wish I knew if there was a respec in the game or not though, I'm saving my skill points right now because you can find combat style manuals that give you whole extra skill trees and I don't wanna waste points. DS2 and DS3 both had a respec in them though so I imagine there's probably a way in this game.


Also I appreciate that despite there being a full English dub, the default audio setting is Japanese with subtitles, I don't think I've seen a game do that before


>, I'm saving my skill points right now because you can find combat style manuals that give you whole extra skill trees and I don't wanna waste points.
don't do that. every time you die you lose half your EXP


Woah, I just beat Lady Butterfly, that was a really fun boss fight. Probably the hardest I've gotten stuck on a boss thus far, but it totally gave me that same feeling of incremental improvement and eventual success that I really was hoping for out of this games bosses. I wasn't keeping track but it took me at least 10 tries. I quickly ran out of Snap Seeds which made her second phase a lot harder, but still very doable. Learning how to combine parries and dodges simultaneously to get away from her homing butterflies and not die to her melee attacks felt really satisfying once I had it figured out.
Wait I thought you only lost half your progress to your next point?


>Wait I thought you only lost half your progress to your next point
oh maybe that's it
still better to use it, you need to unlock enough shinobi skills to get the visceral kill autoheal. It's not called viscerals but you know what I mean


Well I've gotten to the point where the game opens up a lot. I've died every which of the 4 ways available to me I go though. I can go fight the sword and bow dude from the tutorial on top of a tower, a headless demon who I need to waste consumables on to even attempt in a spooky cave, a spear guy who spams ghost skulls at you in a different spooky cave, or I can try to explore a cliff fortress full of Tuskan raider looking guys
How far have has samachan gotten?
Yeah I've been using them as I get them now, the game's getting a lot harder and I need whatever I can get. the heal on kills skill is really useful, yeah.

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