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File: [HorribleSubs] One Punch M….jpg (90.47 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Heh, this was a pretty solid first episode.
It's still a shame about the studio change and all, but as long as its fun I'll be happy.


>It's still a shame about the studio change and all
am i dumb? i didnt notice it at all


File: [HorribleSubs] One Punch M….jpg (158.34 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

People were making a huge deal out of the trailer not too long ago. I thought the animation in this episode was fine but people tell me that genos looks like shit and the fight was wonky or whatever.


The fight looked kind of cheaply done compared to the fights in the last season, with a bunch of the standard shounen camera tricks and effects to avoid having to do too much intense animation. I kind of expected it from JC Staff, but it's not a good look for a first episode especially. Season one had the same director as Space Dandy and Madhouse was clearly more interested in good energetic dynamics and fluid movement than detail and staying on model, which fits this series. The new production is very clearly more cheaply made and with a different set of priorities. That said, it's also not an important fight, so hopefully they're just planning to put more effort in the more significant ones later on.

Nevertheless I'm still pumped as fuck and really enjoyed the first episode. It wasn't bad by any means.


File: Mumen Rider.jpg (255.39 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The only thing I really liked about last season was Mumen Rider and Sea King.
If the entire show was Mumen Rider I'd love it.
Also the final fight was pretty entertaining, and I like the similarities between the big bad and Saitama.

Dunno if I'll pick this season up.


If you weren't into the the first season, there's really no reason to watch the new one. So far it's just more of the same with worse animation.


>more of the same with worse animation
never seen that happen


Many things felt weird in this episode. Saitama's voice sounded deeper than usual, genos' theme sounded different despite having the same melody and the scene layout/sequencing felt competent yet lacking in some way. I'll keep an eye on this season but I'm not expecting something like S1.


Uaaah the animation was even worse in this episode. As Expected of the studio that managed to make even Shakugan no Shana a snorefest.


fubuki had some really nice breasts but i agree, i actually noticed it this time
way too many jump cuts to hide the lack of animation
very low quality
i'll still watch it because the source material is entertaining but damn this is a shame
a real shame since i remember posting about season 1 here and it was much more popular too


The animation on this episode was noticeably worse than on the first one. There were too many times where everything jump cuts from one scene to the next, almost as if we're just looking at moving pictures. There's never a scene that's full shot. Hopefully they're just saving their budget for the more important scenes.


I think I like the season 2 OP even better than season 1's. S1's was great but the chorus on this one gets me even more pumped it's great. Shame about the rest of the anime though.


The chorus is the only thing memorable about it, but it's a nice OP overall.

Meanwhile, the ED is unquestionably inferior. I get that it's supposed to sound Showa-ish like the ending of the first season but the guy has that archetypal tone to his voice that you don't generally associate with that time period. I was surprised to learn it's sung by the seiyuu who voices Saitama.

I'm enjoying the anime so far despite everything. Once I came to term with the fact it was gonna be inferior as far as visuals are concerned, I didn't even flinch at the 3DCG.


While it's understandably disappointing that it looks worse than the first season, after all it went through to even exist, I'm glad we've got it. The first season was animated brilliantly and I wish the second was done just as well, but I'll take what I can get with OPM.
It's been so damn long though that I've been current with the webmanga and Murata manga since OPM S1 ended in 2015.
I was hoping they'd do a fusion of the webmanga and manga this season as I thought the karate arc was dumb and much prefer how Garou is handled in the webmanga to how they're handling him in the manga.


I haven't read the Murata manga. Is Garou different in it? I thought he was done pretty good in the original but I think it's been mostly on hiatus since 2016 so I don't know what's planned for him later.


File: [HorribleSubs] One Punch M….jpg (103.74 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I kind of expected more out of this tournament arc honestly, but I don't think it was that bad.

It just felt a bit pointless I guess? I dunno. The "fight" at the end was fun enough I suppose.


just as in the manga it was entirely skippable and complete pointless filler


Well if you ask me that's the entirety of the manga
The premise is almost self-defeating. It was good for the first, eh. Probably for about 20-30 chapters? Then it got stale because really how much can you do with someone whose existence is literally about how boring it can be to be overpowered? You either explore his normal life, which doesn't tend to happen much because for all the superhero stuff he does seem to live like a regular, slightly poverty striken japanese dude, or you negate the premise and ruin the whole thing.


it's the perfect premise for a short little webmanga


yeah, not gonna read 20 volumes of this but I'd read a short webmanga of it


The tournament felt like filler going out of its way to test my patience at times. Following the other heroes is a lot more compelling. Why care about which fighter is going to face saitama in any of the rounds? There was some rushing through the other tournament brackets but it still felt dragged on. I was hoping the final bout would end with saitama being a little serious (at least on the level of his fight with genos as far as invested effort is concerned, not necessarily a sakuga fest). Of course it had to end with the predictable "wow he did it in one punch but circumstances/bureaucracy will make it so he won't get any credit". What was even the point of going with a disguise? As far as everyone is concerned, he's a no-name B-rank hero.

The tournament is over so the interesting bit is finally taking center stage. I want to see the dog beat the shit out of garou.

>You either explore his normal life, which doesn't tend to happen much because for all the superhero stuff he does seem to live like a regular, slightly poverty striken japanese dude, or you negate the premise and ruin the whole thing.

One of the themes I thought OPM would eventually explore was the loss of motivation and apathy that comes with being the strongest. His moments with bang and king touch on that subject and they're entertaining. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be going that way.


Looks like I have to start making it a habit of criticizing anime the day before a new episode airs.

The new episode was pretty good, even if it suffered from foregone conclusion syndrome, in the sense that I was 99% sure the giant monster wouldn't even flinch at his attacks and became 100% convinced after Suiryuu dealt with the red devil-looking monster. It feels unfair, more so when Suiryuu's first real injury comes from him being distracted by the three crow monsters. It goes beyond cheap, because we'll never get to know if Suiryuu would be able to think of something or if the monster was powerful enough that he was just toying with him. At least in terms of speed they seemed evenly matched. The least interesting part of the anime become pretty interesting and then it's cut short. Suiryuu didn't deserve dealing with so much bullshit.

I noticed that they put some more effort in the sakuga department this episode but it's the kind of sakuga that follows the trend of shaky panning that I hate. Most of what I've seen in this style usually wastes a lot of frames in unnecessary things to disguise how mediocre the parts where you expect actual effort are. It's a new style I've seen on twitter a lot of wannabes emulating (mostly foreigners from korean westwards), but I don't follow these things closely enough to be sure it originated there. In any case, I decided to search who authored the parts where this was most flagrant. Sure enough, westerners in my anime.


>One of the themes I thought OPM would eventually explore was the loss of motivation and apathy that comes with being the strongest
I mean that's just the thing isn't it? To me it feels like the entire plot is framed around the fact that the OPM just cannot give a shit anymore and he's wondering why the fuck he even bothers. The obvious route is to explore how he deals with that, or if he even does at all. Does he continue doing what he's best at even though he hates it? Does he treat it like a job instead of trying to find a worthy opponent all the time? What if he just stops being a hero and does something else? You know, shit like that. I don't know what they're going for if they're not exploring the obvious angle because OPM is so overpowered it's tough to do any OTHER angle.


File: watchdog man.jpg (114.72 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well, I'm also expecting them to delve more into what causes monsterization. From what I gathered in the first episodes of the first season, people turn into monsters according to whatever obsessions they have (like that car man or the crab monster Saitama first met). After Saitama's explanation of his training and how genos and the scientist themselves pointed out it was in-universe unrealistic (in the sense that such a training regimen would never make him that strong) I've been entertaining the idea that heroes like Saitama (who obsessed with being the strongest) and watchdog man (who takes roleplaying a watch dog too far) are actually monsters all along. Which puts OPM on route to having the other heroes fight Saitama since they're the only people who can put up a good fight (either by coming close enough in skill to get him or due to Saitama holding back because of his moral code).

Though I guess there'd be no problem with Saitama being just a device that humbles people arrogant enough to think they have no match. But judging how that aspect was handled with Suiryuu (who came off more like a guy with an arrogant streak but a set of values disguised by a cavalier attitude), Saitama might end up coming off as a moralizing nag rather than a guy who sets the record straight more often than not.


Well it depends on what a monster is I suppose? By any normal standard most heroes are humanoid monsters. The ability to do all the shit they can clearly makes them more than human so the only thing that makes them not a monster is the fact that they're not chaotic evil lmao.


File: [HorribleSubs] One Punch M….jpg (202.02 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Happy now?


I liked this scene. I haven't read the Murata manga and this is probably the first addition that wasn't in the webmanga that I that I think has actually been good.


Very much. I always saw king as a character with great potential (specially as saitama's foil) so this was right up my alley.

Oh. So this has a 99% chance of going nowhere.


Man, did the serialized manga really go on and on so long like this? This whole season I've been waiting for the big climactic fight at the end of the monster association arc and it feels like they kept raising the tension just to put it off. No wonder it's 20 volumes.
And now it's over in the middle of the arc. What a drag.


I thought the anime was dragging until I read the manga and realized the pacing was about the same. The length between actual developments is frustrating.


The pace the anime was keeping (specially the fighting tournament) made me forget this wasn't a two cour. All in all, maybe they should have waited one more season before adapting this. They tease another season at the end but with the way the second season turned out I can't help but wonder if they'll actually produce another.


The series sells like cocaine hotcakes. The new season was more cheaply produced but I doubt they won't make another one eventually.

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