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File: __aac_04_banshee_and_ffr_4….jpg (404.88 KB, 950x672) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Does any other samaposter like sifi stuff?
I've always loved the genre, and getting to see how the japanese handle it is really interesting.

One of my favorite books of all time is a japanese sifi book. Yukikaze (and its sequel "good luck Yukikaze"). Absolutely fantastic works, I've probably talked about them before on here too.

The way the author mixes the philosophical themes and the high octane action of aerial combat is just amazing in my opinion. The characters are extremely interesting as well, watching Rei grow over the course of the books is pretty darn fascinating.

It's a huge shame the third book hasn't been translated yet, the second book leaves off on a pretty big cliffhanger…


File: __ffr_31mr_d_super_sylph_s….jpg (128.74 KB, 850x525) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The anime for yukikaze is pretty good too. Though it is confusing if you have no context since it assumes that you've read the novels beforehand.

But still, I think there is enough there to piece together what's going on. I watched the OVAs before I even knew it was based on a book and enjoyed them thoroughly. Though I do tend to enjoy things that have well done air combat more, and probably overlook some serious flaws.

It still pokes at some of the grander ideas the books were getting at, but it really falls short without the amount of exposition and development that happen in the books.


File: __rita_vrataski_all_you_ne….jpg (899.74 KB, 1786x2760) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Another interesting LN I've read is "All you need is kill". While not super thought provoking I still found it to be pretty enjoyable.

I had the misfortune of seeing the live action western "adaptation" and was pretty disappointed they skipped using pretty much all of the interesting parts of the book and focusing on the whole "haha he dies and comes back to life before he dies again haha" thing.

Also it seems there was a manga adaptation of the book, so I've got something to read now! Thankfully it seems to be completed too.


I'm generally not a fan of science fiction, or rather specifically space stuff. For me, most space shows are weakened for their setting, even LoGH. There's no real sense of majesty to the setting because almost by nature sci-fi is about the triumph of man over everything but his own nature.

That said I haven't read these yet. Do you have an epub to link or upload? I'll read it and give you my thoughts.


File: IMG_20190516_235557.jpg (616.77 KB, 1080x1549) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I bought all you need is kill physically and I dont have access to my yukikaze epubs at the moment, but I know for a fact that they're both on AB as a single download.

Neither of them are really space oriented sifi, but yukikaze does take place on another planet.

Also the manga for all you need is kill is pretty neat so far. Pretty faithful to what I remember.


I don't have an AB account so yeah
I'll look on madokami I guess.


File: __cirno_and_ffr_31mr_d_sup….jpg (115.45 KB, 1020x1220) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Lol I checked after finding it on Madokami first
Thanks for the thought though.


File: 1513560341269.jpg (758.46 KB, 1136x801) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

o-oh, well I hope you enjoy it.


File: 55597365_p7.jpg (215.56 KB, 987x1575) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I love sci-fi and it's one of my favorite genres, and I think when they are done well sci-fi anime and manga are some of the best sci-fi stuff in general. I'm not as much a fan of mecha but I feel like that has so many genre tropes associated with it that it's unfair to lump it in with "sci-fi" generally. I also agree with anonymous that a lot of outer space and aliens type of shows tend to not interest me. I am a huge fan of things like Ghost in the Shell, Aria, Planetes, Dennou Coil, or Eve no Jikan though. I am especially a big sucker for any kind of stories about AI/computer and human relations.

There are also a lot of good and unique takes on post-apocalyptic sci-fi in things like Shinsekai Yori, Sora no Woto, Girl's Last Tour, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, and Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

I've seen less of it but there are things that mix fantasy and science fiction like Scrapped Princess or Nanoha that I think are cool too.


File: __ffr_41mr_sentou_yousei_y….jpg (596.01 KB, 1600x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>I am especially a big sucker for any kind of stories about AI/computer and human relations.

You should read Yukikaze then!!!!


Reading is scary I haven't read a book in way too long. I think the last thing I read was Slaughterhouse 5 and that was years ago.
But! I used to read a lot of older classic sci-fi books and I kind of regret not reading more from some of those authors. I used to read a lot in general when I was younger. I read all of The Count of Monte Cristo just because I liked the anime adaptation so much.


File: magazine-unlock-hi811701.jpg (423.35 KB, 1440x2560) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Just got back from gookland, read the books on the plane.

I have to say they're well written, but the 'message' of Good Luck Yukikaze didn't convince me. I think the author got too abstract there near the end, he should've continued to examine what it even meant to be intelligent/sapient instead of going on about gods and jammies and shit. The whole thing with the coup and the end scenes? Yeah, not satisfying. Also, that same section (beginning when he got back from the mysterious battleground) felt super messy and frankly way worse writing on a technical level as well as a thematic one. The ending felt almost rushed and a ton of questions never got answered.

Book 1 was a lot better but the opening had the same issue and Rei in that first chapter felt like a different character altogether, it felt extraordinarily sloppy and I nearly dropped it ten pages in because of how much of a goddamn cunt Rei was being.

I also feel like his ultimate insistence that humans aren't 'just' a bunch of numbers didn't jive with the message of the rest of books 1 and 2. Maybe it was meant to represent Foss's own biases, idk.

On the topic of Foss, I shipped her so I'm pretty assblasted honestly.


File: yuki005.jpg (432.58 KB, 2340x1688) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It may be because I watched the OVAs before being exposed to the books, but I didn't feel that way about Rei. I already understood the jist of his character type I guess. I will agree that he's super annoying at first though. I really didn't like him in the book or in the OVAs. Though it is understandable, he isn't exactly all there.

I feel the same way about the last parts of book two, once they started focusing too much on what the jam were it started to feel messy. I do enjoy the concept of a quantum being though. It was something I had never thought about and I probably still don't really understand how such an entity would work.

I really enjoyed seeing Rei interact with his new copilot too, seeing him have to deal with the same bullshit he used to pull was fun.

Also maybe I was reading too much into it but the whole copy thing screamed "what does it mean to be human" to me because technically the copies were human right? they still had the memories of their lives and were biologically the same other than their limited lifespan. To a lesser extent having yukikaze herself be more human than Rei was also poking at this I think. While it's not really the main theme it really made me take a long hard think while reading it. I dunno maybe I'm not good at thinking too hard.

>The ending felt almost rushed and a ton of questions never got answered.

That's where the third book would come in I imagine. The OVAs ended around the same point with an original ending as far as I know (it was one of those plans rei had come up with actually) so I guess you can make somewhat of a cohesive ending out of that. its probably not what the author intended though.

>On the topic of Foss, I shipped her so I'm pretty assblasted honestly.

You shipped her with Rei? I'm pretty sure he only has an interest in Yukikaze especially towards the end of the second book with the whole joint being thing


Not necessarily with Rei, just in general. The sauna thing was funny.

I don't know about the quantum shit, it didn't convince me. It felt like technobabble, humans are 'quantum beings' too.

Yukikaze being 'human' seemed debatable but the thing is that the bitt with Rei and her being a '''joint being''' came. out of nowhere and baffled me, it was like fucking magic and obliterated my suspension of disbelief. Up until then the only 'magic' came from the JAM, which I could go 'yeah ok' since they were this total unknown the entire book

There's a book 3?


basically they're a weapon to surpass metal gear.

>There's a book 3?

Yeah, its not translated though.


Seriously though, while I get that its a far out there idea, the joint being thing didn't come out of nowhere. At least I didn't feel it did. Seeing how Yukikaze and Rei change over the course of the books and having them rely so much on eachother.

In concept the whole joint being thing boils down to Rei understanding Yukikaze and being crazy enough to trust her completely while disregarding his own personal safty. No one else in the SAF would be able to do something like that. Also Yukikaze seems to 'care' for Rei and his wellbeing as well.

>Yukikaze being human is debatable

Yeah she's not really human in her current state thats for sure but I do think it presents thr concept of what it takes to become or be considered human. Same with the jam shenanigans.


Problem is that the concept of a joint being, in and of itself, felt out of fucking nowhere to me. What the hells IS a joint being? It just became super weak for me because before that it was still a solidly human thing, Rei was 'normal' insofar as being mentally traumatized by unknown past events but the things he worried about were still definitely human in nature. When he gattais with an AI I have no idea how to relate to him, or if I'm even meant to. Yukikaze isn't the only Super Sylph. Rei isn't the only SAF pilot. That nobody else indicated even a shade of what happened there when he went full gundam just doesn't work for me.

Anyway I'm just buttblasted that Foss' pale belly never got any more action


> Yukikaze isn't the only Super Sylph. Rei isn't the only SAF pilot.

Yeah, they aren't but it seems that while all the SAF pilots seem to be pretty weird in the head, not all the AI's in the other planes seem to have gotten to Yukikazes level of sentience.

In the end it did come in pretty late. maybe the author was trying to set it up for the third book.


File: IMG_20190524_120401.jpg (705.73 KB, 1080x1545) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I finished up the all you need is kill manga recently, and its pretty darn faithful to the book. With the added bonus of getting to see how cute Rita is.

The up side of the LN though is that a lot of stuff is explained more in detail, mostly the world building and the combat, but I can give the manga a pass since it's more of a show, not tell format.


I honestly can't take mecha or power armor seriously
It's just such a weird thing to 'catch on' if you know what I mean. Power armor, alright I can sort of understand that. It's like - robots, except there's a person inside. Fine. But giant mecha look dumb as hell, who thought it was a good idea? How did it become a thing in the public consciousness? Then again I think kaiju are retarded too so there we go


Chicks dig giant robots.

I dunno though, I guess its something that wouldn't work in real life so people think its neat.


The scale allows for interesting things to happen and bigger is always better. Giant mechas allows for more impressive destruction, and creates a clear underdog if it isn't giant v. giant.


I can't take 'underdogs' seriously
Like, if one side is obviously an underdog then them winning seems like an asspull, but if they lose then it's a foregone conclusion
I'm not sure how to articulate it but it's really prominent in shonenshit for example and I hate it


It starts with super robot stories like Tetsujin-28-go and Giant Robo. These were similar to previous robots like 8-Man and Tetsuwan Atom except bigger and remotely controlled by the protagonist; 8-Man and Atom were the protagonists. It is essentially a bigger is better, with giant robots you can fight at a city scale. The scale was probably also influenced by the Ultraman who transformed to become giant so he could fight kaiju. Then Mazinger Z added the idea of piloting the robot directly through the Pilder on top. Gundam 0079, the original, decided to put this on a more realistic level with military-type model developments, piloting in a cockpit centrally located (since cameras would provide vision you don't need a window), as well as the reason they were used at all: Minovsky particles obscure long-range detection and space maneuvers are easier with limbs. A major influence on mecha and Gundam itself was Starship Troopers, the powered suits were a direct influence on the mobile suits in Gundam. At this point the genre explodes and you've got all kinds of stuff.


I guess it's just incremental steps until you get used to it
Well it's not like mecha isn't enjoyable it's just so weird because it so random, just out of nowhere a giant goddamn robot.

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