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File: 1483745139412.gif (1.06 MB, 434x423) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Do any of you let people in real life know that you watch anime? I'm pretty open about it and recommend shows to people, but they rarely ever take my suggestions and if they do, it is always shounen shit like Boku no Hero Academia or One Punch Man. Which is fine because I don't really care to discuss the intricacies of Kiniro Mosaic with people offline.
Having a coworker come over and tell me about some anime he's watching on Netflix made me think though
Is Samachan proud of its hobbies? Or do you all like to keep a low profile on liking Japanese culture?


If it comes up in discussion I would let them know. I wouldn't wear a t-shirt or something with anime characters on it though.


I have a few friends IRL that watch anime, but if it were some classmate or random stranger I wouldn't bring it up unless asked. unlike >>30722 though I have a few anime related shirts that I like, but can almost never bring myself to wear IRL…


>I have a few anime related shirts that I like, but can almost never bring myself to wear IRL…

Why did you buy them then


I am never seen in public not wearing my kirino cosplay


Because I'm an idiot


Post pictures of them


File: shy showa shoujo.png (23.09 KB, 163x163) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Very low profile and I do my best so no-one figures out I'm into that by widening my array of hobbies. However, I refuse to watch all the mainstream stuff that would make my social life all the easier so I read books instead, which only makes me more unapproachable than the typical outspoken anime fan.

I have a couple of friends that I've known long enough and am close enough to that they know I'm into anime. For a time I recommended them stuff to watch but since they never gave any of it a chance, I've long since given up.


If it comes up I will edge my way into it very conservatively. Start with miyazaki, then shinkai, some agreeable shows like titan and champloo. If the rabbit hole never stops the I would probably end up talking about maison ikkoku, itazura na kiss or some other stupid shit. In other words I go for the slow reveal.
I would say its an embarrassing interest which gets worse with age. I like Japan in general quite openly though.


It's honestly not a big deal here so yes
It also doesn't tend to come up all the time so it's not like I advertise it aggressively though


Most of my friends either know I'm into it or are into it as well, it's not exactly kept secret to anyone who has seen my room or apartment. But with people who I'm not already very close with I don't go out of my way to mention it, and if asked about hobbies I tend to just lie if it's someone I don't know well. If it is brought up I start slow with it, talking about things like FMA or whatever shows they like rather than going off about all my personal favorite shows. I also don't super advertise it to the public with T-shirts or anything but I wouldn't be afraid to, I have Flandre on my keychain and nobody has ever commented on it.


post a pic of your keychain


File: keychain.jpg (102.38 KB, 653x368) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


hah that's pretty good


Thanks I am glad you like it


File: It's a secret, but I actua….png (1.48 MB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Never ever do I bring it up, even with the ones that already know I like things from Japan and if they do bring it up I try to be rather vague unless it's a very specific topic. This is all due to me finding 2 persons in my life that had relatively decent powerlevels and revealing a bit of mine proved to be an utter disaster as they were the obnoxious-clingy type and got annoying after a while. And they were the vocal type to boot and would go as far as recommend hentai on a chock full train (even if I've always put on the facade that I'm a prude and never admitted to watching even one)so that was a big no-no for me. Thus I've vowed to never talk about it unless extremely necessary, keeps people happy and more importantly, keeps me happy.

That said I'm proud of my hobbies and not only have I received a lot of fun, I've also learned a variety of things as a consequence.


Why would you talk to other people IRL about any of your hobbies? I read manga planes or the train sometimes but that's about it.


File: 4aa3f26b4ef331ec323485f429….jpg (2.78 MB, 2480x3508) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Why wouldn't you talk to other people about your hobbies if you are good friends or you share the same hobby? It can be fun.
I think bringing it up with strangers or people you don't know closely is a bad idea though, but maybe I just lack confidence.


One of my classmates think that i like yuri so now i play the part


File: 68184278_p0.png (1.05 MB, 1000x1420) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Do you not like yuri?


File: 1503534913303.png (829.06 KB, 1500x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Not as much as he thinks


me on the left


File: 73928120_p1.jpg (252.31 KB, 843x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

He's trying to convert you
H-how did my wife find out about this website?! It's not what it looks like, I swear.


Nope. I think I've spoken to three people about it and aside from one guy, who was in his 50's and watching Danmachi, they only liked high profile stuff like Eva and Bebop and didn't watch current stuff. And I'm a giant SOL fag so like OP, I don't really want to talk about that except online.

When I first started getting into anime, an old friend suggested I watch Yu Yu Hakusho and I suggested he watch Azumanga. I watched that entire series (it was good) but he wouldn't watch a single episode of AD because it was subbed. Jerk.


>he wouldn't watch a single episode of AD because it was subbed
That's stupid but isn't like almost every release of it dual-audio? I was under the impression almost everybody's heard the dub of it at some point.


File: Solidarity.png (297.69 KB, 300x438) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I don't really try to outwardly advertise my interests but I don't make them much of a secret either, mostly because I don't want to be annoying to people who don't care, but if I do meet someone who also enjoy the same things, it won't take long to find out that we have that common ground. I remember having an FMA shirt in high school that's lost now but I would wear from time to time, though, which got comments from people sometimes.

That being said, meeting people and hitting that common ground is how I met the loose irl group of friends I talk with semi-regularly about anime, video and card games, and figure collecting


Well it turned out he was mostly into shonen battle series so he was probably just bored with it.


File: 1430832764537.png (13.38 KB, 266x220) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

He got bored of it without even watching it? Is your friend a wizard?!


Rather than a wizard, he was just a casual. He got halfway through episode 1 brfore reaching his conclusion iirc.


I don't hide it or anything, but I never talk about it either. I've never met anyone in real life that has anything close to my power level (not that it's particularly high; just well above casual). So I pretty much just blend in.


What if everyone you ever met in real life had a similar powerlevel to you and just never talked about it to blend in? That'd be pretty funny!


That would be quite a twist indeed.


sounds like a romcom plot


File: 1552619698003.jpg (61.61 KB, 1281x721) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Was playing some tabletop game with a new gang, and one of the players asked if he could be a vampire ninja. Of course, I instantly converted that to kyuuketsuki ninja and said it out loud wondering why it sounded familiar. We ended up talking about anime for a while after the session.


After playing so much D&D online and RPing as a cute girl I can't imagine doing it irl.


File: mpc-hc64_2018-10-07_16-05-….png (781.42 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I keep it pretty hush-hush but I leave clues to leave it open for conversation, since I've had almost exclusively positive experiences with it. I have KanColle keychains - Ushio for my house keys, Nagato for my car keys, and Kashima & Taigei on my backup car keys at home. The Nagato keychain actually saved my hide when I thought I lost my keys one time. At work, I have a con pass hanging on a pin near one of my monitors. I have graphic tees reserved for cons; some I can't wear until I shed some more weight. They fit, but they're from Japan, so an XL there is a L stateside.

Most of my friends are online (though I've met several of them in person several times now) and they all grew up as imageboard users, so it's not hard to talk to people about it. I stay open to shounen even though I'm not a huge fan of most of it, makes it easier for people who I like being around to have common ground. There was only one incident in community college where I exposed my power level but it ended up making the other guy look like a clown. My roommates at university were almost exclusively shounen fans but some of them were into SoL stuff, as well.

Overall I've had good experiences when its come up in interpersonal stuff, but I know my red flags when I see them and I'll clam up pretty quickly if the other person starts flying them.


File: The_eternal_struggle .jpg (161.05 KB, 705x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>Is Samachan proud of its hobbies?
Watching Japanese cartoons isn't something you ought to be proud of. That doesn't mean you have to keep it a secret either. As long as you don't sperg out it should be fine. The reality is that most people aren't familiar with anime and won't think much of it.

As for myself, I have some friends that have been watching anime for longer than me. So I don't need to hide my powerlevel from them.


>As for myself, I have some friends that have been watching anime for longer than me. So I don't need to hide my powerlevel from them.
How do I get friends like this? I know some people that will watch surface level stuff, but nobody even comes close to my powerlevel.


Pester your current friends to watch more niche stuff and hope they like it.


where do i get friends?


File: No_longer_alone.png (218.41 KB, 820x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Right here of course.


File: 1562455514914.mp4 (5.25 MB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I talk openly about whatever I feel like. I also like animation in general, and I get really excited when I see panelling I like in manga. It's just easier this way so you can see if you're compatible with someone right away, since I talk to a lot of people.


you play FFXIV with our free company q-team


stop why are they hitting me


You know what you did


File: I've become friends with e….jpg (164.41 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You in the wong neighborhood bubba.


Where can I find this neighborhood? Asking for a friend haha

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