SamaFES 2017 - Horoween! (FINISHED) Yuno — 10/23/17 (Mon) 16:00:00

SamaFES 2017 - Horoween!

Lost and alone in the middle of a journey, you find yourself lost in the great forests of Samachan. Desperately trying to find your way out, you unwittingly venture deeper into the forest, alerting those near by with the crunch of your footsteps against the foliage covered ground. As the whispers of the forest turn into chatter, you begin running deeper and deeper until you reach a brightly glowing light. You emerge from the forest, and take in your sights with awe. The festival of the Wise Wolf has begun!

Event Summary

Event Period:

October 24th ~ October 31st, 2017(23:59 EST)

Event Summary:

Users are invited to take part in SamaFES 2017 by posting on the limited time Festival board. Hurry and don't wait - when the clock strikes midnight, the board will disappear into the mist, waiting for the next celebration! Users are invited to post a wide variety of topics, halloween themed or not! Share your pumpkin carving abilities, your drawings (users of all skills invited!) and many more! Posts here do not necessarily have to be Japanese or Japanese related, but keep it within the spirit of the site. Come join us and celebrate Samachan!

War of the Waifus: When Kami Clash! (FINISHED) Yuno — 08/03/17 (Thu) 01:00:00

When Kami Clash!

From all corners of the world, comes the showdown of a century! Whether unknowingly or knowingly powerful, that power shall be put to the test! The battle which to determine the one true god of Samachan will define the site forever more! Let the loyalty of their followers shine! It's time to wage war!

Event Summary

Event Period:

August 4th ~ August 18th, 2017(0:00 EST)

Event Participation:

Users will choose one of three designated teams to show support for their favorite character. To choose a team, users will pick one from the dropdown team menu before they post. That's all you'll need to do to show your support!

Points are totalled by the number of people who show their support for their team. One post is one point, and you only get points for wearing your team's banner. The team with the most points by the end of the event will be declared the winner. Users are not bound to any specific team and can switch anytime, and even opt out from posting with any banners at any time.

The reward for the winning team will be bragging rights, a celebration in their team's victory, and the victory of their team's idol!


The team that is in third place by August 11th is set to be eliminated early, in order to consolidate the teams for the finale. Be sure to show support for your favorite so they aren't eliminated early!


The War continues, and the users of Samachan have decided who they won't want to be their God!

At the cut off time of 11:59 EST, the amount of votes were as such:

Team Madoka - 51
Team Horo - 103
Team Haruhi - 55

And as per the Event, Team Madoka was unfortunately eliminated from the standing. Part two is now under way, and users will pick between Horo or Haruhi to represent them as the God of Samachan.
Team Horo is sitting quite comfortably with a 48 point lead over Team Haruhi, so Team Haruhi will have to catch up!
May the best team win!

War Is Over!

The War has ended! Both sides gave a good fight, but it is now clear who is the God of Samachan!

Team Horo (2nd Round) - 135
Team Haruhi (2nd Round) - 60

Team Horo's total: 238
Team Haruhi's total: 115

Apologies for the event ending later than was stated. Due to circumstances out of my control, the votes that were cast after 11:59PM EST on August 17th will be honored. The results still would've remained largely the same, however.
If you enjoyed this event, please let me know! Your responses will determine if we do more or less of this type of thing. If you have any ideas for events, please send me an email. I'd love to hear your ideas!

Stay tuned for what this victory will entail!