Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to Samachan, or unsure on how to do something, please read the FAQ below!

What is Samachan?

Samachan is an English language anime imageboard. An imageboard is a website where users can post pictures and talk about things they would like to discuss anonymously, or if they choose, with a username. Samachan is based around aspects of Japanese culture such as anime, manga, videogames, and more, but Japanese culture as a whole is allowed. Samachan is not based around anything "western" or non-Japanese topics and has no plans to allow these topics.

How do I post anonymously/with a name/make a thread/post a picture/report a post?

To post anonymously, leave the "Name" field in the post block blank.

To post with a name, simply fill the namefield out with the name you wish to use.

To make a thread, you are required to post a picture.

To post a picture, go to the file tab in the post block and click the browse button, and post an appropriate image for your thread.

To report a thread/post, click the check box in the opening post or post you wish you report, and the port menu will be given. If possible, be sure to include a reason so the moderators know why you are reporting the thread.

How do I spoiler a picture or text? How do I post code?

You can spoiler a picture by clicking the checkbox that says [Spoiler] next to the upload field. To spoiler text in a post, put [s] before and [/s] after your text that you wish to spoiler. Upon posting, it will appear spoiled to the site.

Posting your code, configurations or anything technical is easy as well. Just use [c]before and [/c] after your text that you wish to post. Upon posting, it will appear in monospace to the site.

What is a tripcode?

A tripcode is a more secure form of identification. If you feel you must post with an identity, you can type '#' into the name field followed by what you want your password to be. To get an even more secure form of tripcode, you can opt to use two '##' instead of one.


Upon submission, the post will have created a hash for the password you have chosen. The example shown above would appear as "!/QTEHvxUMM" in the name field if used.

What does sage do? What is noko?

Sage is a way to post without bumping the thread. Sage comes from two japanese words - 'age' and 'sage'. 'Age', which is short for 'ageru' and pronounced 'ah-geh' means 'to raise'. Every post that isn't a 'sage' is 'age'. 'Sage', which is short for 'sageru' and pronounced 'sah-geh' means 'to lower'. Sage does nothing except prevent your post from bumping a thread; it is not a downvote and posting a comment with nothing but "sage" is meaningless and only makes you look stupid. To sage your post, simply write 'sage' in the email field.

Noko is a way to redirect the page to a thread you just created/post you just posted, instead of the default redirect to the board's first page. To use noko, simply type 'noko' in the email field, and it will keep you on the page you were on.

How can I donate?

There are no options to donate at this time, but that doesn't mean that we won't consider them in the future if the server costs get to be too much.

How can I advertise on Samachan?

Click here.

What is Live?

Live is a real time board where you can connect to other Samachanners instantly! Things are a bit more relaxed, but users are still expected to maintain the same atmosphere and post quality. Be sure to keep your images Japanese!

What is contributing to Samachan and why is that important?

Contributing is simple and anyone can do it. It helps the site prosper and makes everyone else have a good time as well. Contributing to Samachan is as simple as posting helpful, meaningful, funny, insightful, or good posts to the boards, and uploading images as well.

Contribution is important because it is the one thing that makes the website worth your time. Without anyone posting or uploading images to the website, Samachan becomes stagnant, is no longer unique nor interesting, and is no longer a fun place to spend your time.

You can become a good contributor by simply posting. If you have something to add, reply to the thread. If you have a neat picture, show it to us! Give back to the community and you're helping grow the website.

What should I know before I post on Samachan?

You are encouraged to at least lurk the boards for a bit of time to understand the community with which you are trying to participate in. Recognize that every website is different, and the things you post on one may not be the norm or even considered acceptable by those who browse another. You are also encouraged to read the rules before posting, because breaking the rules may result in post deletion, a ban from the board, or even a permanent ban!

Help! I'm confused about something that isn't covered in the FAQ!

If you are confused about something that isn't covered in the FAQ, email the admin and await your response. The admin always checks and reads their emails!