Happy 4th Birthday, Samachan! Yuno — 05/25/19 (Sat) 15:33:51

4 years of fun!

Live and Death Yuno — 04/01/19 (Mon) 02:36:58

When we opened the Live board, the originally intention was that it would be a nice way for the community to connect and do things together. Over a year and a half later, it became apparent that the board was detrimental to the website as a whole, despite our best efforts.

So as of April 1st, 2019, Live has shut its doors for the final time.

As an aside, this is NOT an April Fools' joke. Come April 2nd, the board will still be gone.

I'll treat the rest of this as a FAQ about the closure of Live, to better format my thoughts on the matter.

Q: Why are you closing Live?
A: The board ceased to be fun for any of the Team involved. It became a chore to moderate, a chore to interact with, and it eventually stopped feeling like it was a suitable fit for the website.

Q: If it was a chore to moderate, why not moderate it better?
A: On multiple occasions, we introduced new rules designed to combat the things we thought were bad about the board, and they did nothing. Flagrant disregard from users to follow simple rules such as "Don't respond to trolls." made it extremely hard to keep a lax environment on the board. This, coupled with my inability to properly ban problem users when they were being a detriment to the board, made it warp into a state it should have never been allowed to get to.

Q: Why not just let the community continue as a whole and let them moderate themselves?
A: Because it's not what I want for Samachan. The entire reason I pushed the distinction of "Main boards" (Samachan proper) and "Live" (live.samachan) was because it was never meant to be the focus of the site. Live sucked away activity from the main boards like a vampire, leaving in its wake entire days where there would be 0-2 posts across the site, yet the Live board would have over 1k-2k posts a day. If Samachan's fate is to become a glorified chatroom with little relation to Anime, Japanese culture, and the things we love, it might as well become an IRC channel to save me the server costs.

Q: Is there a possibility of Live coming back?
A: Not under the domain.

Q: Now that Live is gone, why should I continue to use Samachan?
A: If that was the main attraction for you, you are the reason the board was shut down. It's regrettable if you don't stay, but the focus of the site has always been the image boards and the people that use and enjoy them.

Q: Live was much more active than the other boards, why would you shut it down?
A: Yes, Live was more active than the other boards. While it would be ideal if the main boards could break the stigma that some posters give them regarding the time they put into each post and could increase in activity more, I realize it's likely not going to happen. That activity came at a price, and we're hoping that it goes into the main boards even more than it has now.

Q: Why not just leave it closed during the week and open it on the weekends?
A: While this system addressed one problem slightly, it didn't address the equal issue of the board culture. It was the same circlejerk of a few users each weekend, and closing it during the week did nothing to remedy this, and instead made it worse.

Q: Where do I go now that Live is gone?
A: We have a board named "2D/Everything" that allows a wider scope of content. Anything you discussed on Live that was already not breaking the rules is allowed on this board. Do not be afraid to make threads or posts, the barrier of entry has not changed.

If you have any questions that weren't answered by this post, feel free to email me, or make a thread asking me on the 2D/Everything board. (Only for a week after its closure. Past a week, email me.)

Total posts on Live: 260,048
Average weekly post count: 3,171
Highest sync count: 37
Average sync count: 9

Happy New Year, Samachan! 2019 Yuno — 01/01/19 (Tue) 00:05:19

Happy New Year, Samachan! Congrats on making it through another one!


Balance changes for the New Year Yuno — 12/28/18 (Fri) 04:06:04

Samachan's had a busy year! And going into the 2019 year, things will be different around here! New life and new live will be showing up on Samachan in the last year of the 2010s!

We felt the Live board was too overpowered and was unfun for the other boards to post against, so we're nerfing some of the abilities that the board has.
1. Lowering the file limit from 20MB to 8MB.
We felt that having such a large file size on this board but not the others encouraged people to post things that they should post on the other boards. Live was encompassing all topics that the other boards specialize in, and it stopped being a jack of all samatrades and into a master of all.
2. Scheduling
We felt like with Live being around the entire year with no breaks, there was absolutely no way the other boards could compete against the instant gratification that the board brings. As such, it's returning with on a schedule for each week.
From Monday through Thursday, the board will be in a read only state where nobody can post on it. We hope that this will allow the other boards to compete and gain the activity back that Live was siphoning from them. From Friday-Sunday Night, the board will be Live and kicking, so please join us for our Live Weekends!
3. Moderation changes towards certain post styles
The immediacy of live was bringing a form of posts that we were feeling was devolving into a circlejerk that was antithetical to the site's focus on being the best Anime/Japanese culture website on the internet. Live isn't about "who" is using it, it should always be about "what" the topic of discussion is. Moderation was also extremely lax and we felt some users got the idea that they could freely break rules, and in some cases, users didn't even know that certain things were against the rules due to their failure to read the rules, and moderation's failure to enforce them.

1. Encouragement to watch certain shows per season
We're getting more shows subbed forever, and because everyone can now tailor what they want to watch towards their specific tastes, we felt this was leaving certain shows unwatched by large portions of the userbase. So starting from next season, we'll be encouraging the community to watch certain specific shows each season as a way to keep everyone talking about the same things. This idea was taken from how some shows can be each season, or how some threads towards games like Fate/Grand Order or Love Live! School Idol Festival can be.
2. Buffing the file limit
We wanted the Anime/Otaku board to have an edge over Live, so we decided to raise the file limit to 20MB. Share those big collages you've made of your 2D wives!

1. Encouragement to post about what ever makes you an otaku.
Do you like painting model robots? Do you like to play Dungeons and Dragons? Do you love idol groups? Please, post about it on this board. Let Samachan know what makes you otaku. Western culture, memes, politics, etc., are still not allowed. Keep the spirit of the site in mind. If you don't understand this, feel free to send me an email.
2. Buffing the file limit
This board was hit hardest by Live, so we also raised the file limit to 20MB. Feel free to post lots of pictures of the things you love!

We hope that you join us in the New Year as we head towards our 4th year of Samachan!

Merry Christmas, Samachan! 2018 Yuno — 12/25/18 (Tue) 07:31:09

Merry Christmas to all Samachanners! We hope your holiday season is filled with joy and cheer as we move forward into the final days of 2018. Drink your eggnog and eat your cookies, and be sure to open lots of presents!
Be sure to spend time with those you love and care for, as we'll be doing the same.

Thank you for a wonderful year, from everyone here at Samachan!

The spirits have been sent back to their slumbers...! Yuno — 11/01/18 (Thu) 05:19:51

Our total has been tallied up, and the count is final:

Trick: 209
Treat: 207

Thank you to everyone who participated in the third Samachan Festival. Stay tuned for what's in store!

Come join us for our Halloween Stream! Yuno — 10/27/18 (Sat) 19:43:56

Come join us for our spooky Halloween stream!

The stream is hosted at, 7PM EST, every day from now until Halloween night.

The spooky schedule is:
27th: Pokemon 22-24, Non Non Biyori 6, Nisekoi 10
28th: Ayakashi 9-11, Ika Musume 3, Gakkou Gurashi 2
29th: Mushishi 21, Ghost Hound 1, LWA OVA, K-On 10
30th: Hells
31st: The Nightmare Before Christmas

SamaFES 2018! Yuno — 10/25/18 (Thu) 04:26:34

Details on SamaFES 2018 have been posted! Check out the "Events" page to read more!

Congratulations to Live! Yuno — 08/28/18 (Tue) 04:14:44

You've reached a milestone and the homosexual community will always remember this as their crowning achievement.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Samachan! Yuno — 05/25/18 (Fri) 05:24:37

Happy Birthday to the best anime imageboard on the internet!

I definitely didn't think I'd be doing this for a year, and I didn't think I'd be doing it for 3 years after that too. I'm glad to still be doing it after this long, though.
I'm super happy with the success of Live and how people enjoy the board! It hasn't been up for a year yet, but in the period of time it's been up, it's definitely brought a new sense of community to the site.
To all the regulars, this one is for you. Thanks for sticking with us this long, and thanks for all the great things you guys do around here.
To everyone, thanks for using Samachan. We couldn't do it without you.

Let's go for three more years!

Happy New Year! Yuno — 01/01/18 (Mon) 06:22:31

Let's make 2018 Samachan's best year yet!

Merry Christmas, Samachan! Yuno — 12/25/17 (Mon) 06:48:11

As imageboard users, we are often in a state of mind that makes us get angry at one another for the slightest things, we hate each other for the tiniest slights, so much to the point that we don't think about the person on the receiving end of the posts. That's why this Christmas, I'm hoping we can all be engaged with everyone in our lives. Spend time with your family, the ones you love, the friends you may know, and the ones you may not. Even if we go back to our old ways tomorrow and we forget how we were today, the love and cheer we spread will always remain.
I'm not telling you how to post, what to post, or how to phrase your posts. I'm not even telling you what to do with any sort of threats. I'm especially not treating this as something you should be obligated to do on here. I'm just hopeful that everyone won't spend a single moment of this Christmas with any emotion other than love and joy. Sometimes we all need just one day where we can come together and celebrate the things we love and the things that bring us together, instead of the things that bring us apart.

Merry Christmas, Samachan. I hope you have a great Christmas.

SamaFES 2017 Yuno — 10/23/17 (Mon) 22:34:08

Details on SamaFES 2017 have been posted! Check out the "Events" page to read more!

War Is Over! Yuno — 08/20/17 (Sun) 16:17:57

The War has ended! Both sides gave a good fight, but it is now clear who is the God of Samachan!

Team Horo (2nd Round) - 135
Team Haruhi (2nd Round) - 60

Team Horo's total: 238
Team Haruhi's total: 115

Apologies for the event ending later than was stated. Due to circumstances out of my control, the votes that were cast after 11:59PM EST on August 17th will be honored. The results still would've remained largely the same, however.
If you enjoyed this event, please let me know! Your responses will determine if we do more or less of this type of thing. If you have any ideas for events, please send me an email. I'd love to hear your ideas!

Stay tuned for what this victory will entail!

The War Wages on! Yuno — 08/11/17 (Fri) 05:48:55

The War continues, and the users of Samachan have decided who they won't want to be their God!

At the cut off time of 11:59 EST, the amount of votes were as such:

Team Madoka - 51
Team Horo - 103
Team Haruhi - 55

And as per the Event, Team Madoka was unfortunately eliminated from the standing. Part two is now under way, and users will pick between Horo or Haruhi to represent them as the God of Samachan.
Team Horo is sitting quite comfortably with a 48 point lead over Team Haruhi, so Team Haruhi will have to catch up!
May the best team win!

War of the Waifus event! Yuno — 08/03/17 (Thu) 06:55:01

The "War of the Waifus: When Kami Clash!" event page has been posted. Check it out for information on the event!

お誕生日おめでとう Yuno — 05/25/17 (Thu) 19:21:39

Happy 2nd Birthday, Samachan!

From Zero admin — 08/02/16 (Tue) 23:24:17

In two days, Samachan will have reached 1 year of uptime, and that's nothing to scoff at! However, we have a few things that do need to be addressed.

While the site is growing in terms of unique IPs, contributions to both boards has slowed tremendously. Some days we're getting less than 25 posts a day across both boards, and that is absolutely pathetic.
Posting needs to start happening more, and it needs to stay consistent, otherwise the site will only keep getting slower until eventually nobody uses it. Give back to the community and you're helping grow the website. Help Samachan out and post— all you have to do is take a few minutes out of your day and you've helped the site.

We are also making an effort to make Samachan a more friendly and happier place to visit. The overly negative atmosphere has gotten to be unbearable over the past few weeks. We aren't asking for you to "play nice" with each other, just to restrain yourself when posting. One of the things that makes Samachan a fun place to post is that anything Japanese or Anime related goes, but it's gotten to the point where everyone is complaining and being rude to each other without offering concrete solutions.

Another issue is the IRC channel. We are closing #samachan indefinitely. We feel like it serves no purpose within the scope of the site, and that it's not much use of the site to keep it open. If you didn't use it, absolutely nothing will change for you. If you did, not much will change either, except that you'll need to email me if you want to get into contact with me.

The numbers are going up, but we still need you all to help and let people know: the more users, the more posts we have; the more posts we have, the better the community and the more time you can spend on Samachan. Let's all strive to make Samachan the best we can make it.

We're fun! The Student Council — 01/30/16 (Sat) 05:24:56

Come join us on IRC. #samachan @ Rizon.

New look in time for a new year admin — 12/13/15 (Sun) 05:48:05

It's been two whole months since I made a news post for the site. Samachan has done a lot in these past two months. We added a new board, /z/, on a trial basis, for posts people felt couldn't exactly fit into /a/, but still had a relatively Japanese feel to them.
While /z/ is an "Everything" board, this does not mean all topics are allowed, as the site is based on Anime and Japanese culture. Early on, users mentioned that they wanted to be able to have fun on /z/, but wanted the moderators to be able to have fun with the community as well, so while you have lax guidelines to follow (there are actually no specific /z/ rules, only the global rules), keep in mind the moderators do as well.

In other news, we've also redesigned portions of the site that are not the boards. The look we were using felt bland and uninspired, and the pages were quickly thrown together by me in the beginning of the site. Along with this we added a new addendum to the original global rules. Global rule 6. "All boards are not suitable for work unless otherwise stated." I've often felt when browsing websites that it shouldn't really matter if people post some tits along with their post. It doesn't bother me to see that content if the site is for users 18 and up, but what does bother me is being punished for such. With that in mind, I got rid of boards having "Not Safe For Work" designations under them. As the rule says, all boards are non-work safe unless otherwise stated. We hope you like the new pages!

Christmas is also quickly approaching us, along with a new year of 2016, which presents the perfect opportunity to post on Samachan in between the festivities!
As always, you can email me if you want to tell me about anything, suggest something, or just say hi!
Enjoy Samachan!

Big changes admin — 10/10/15 (Sat) 07:16:59

Within the span of a day, we've redesigned some parts of the site and we're going to continue redesigning things.
We added and redesigned frames! You can access them at
I think they look really good and this is how I'll browse. You can remove them at any time and they're not there by default, so if it isn't your thing, don't worry about it.
We added fades and removed Cirno and Miko from the CSSes, mostly because them being there caused the site to look bad at times. You can still see Miko if you browse with frames though, and we'll be adding a way to switch themes so you'll be able to browse with Cirno if you enjoyed that.
Next on the list is the redesigning of the News page and eventually the Rules; not many people really use this, but I think it'll be better overall because as it stands it's really bland. I'm also thinking of doing that to the front page, but that's another project for another day.
The Festival is underway! Be sure to check it out while the board is still around!
As always, you can email me if you want to tell me about anything, suggest something, or just say hi!
Enjoy Samachan!

Images and updates admin — 09/19/15 (Sat) 20:00:28

Added a few minor updates lately, most of the time I just do it and don't even bother to write down that I actually did it.
In terms of things I can remember doing, I added new hide/show buttons, buttons for Google and iqdb instead of just having the word next to the post, messed with the CSS a little, added the [Settings] [Home] config to the bottom board links, though eventually I'm going to try to actually make the [Home] button non-dependent on javascript so if you don't want to use the site with it you can still access the Home page from the board, and of course we added the new banners and 404 images you guys submitted! Be sure to check them out.
As always, you can email me if you want to tell me about anything, suggest something, or just say hi!
Enjoy Samachan!

More Minor Updates admin — 08/25/15 (Tue) 21:22:47

1. Added a Home button on the board, right next to the options button. It's only around if you have Javascript enabled, but seeing as we don't have anything running on the site other than Samachan itself (no tracking scripts or anything; check with Noscript if you're curious), there really isn't any reason not to allow Javascript to run on the website.
2. Deleted /g/ and added /♥/. Check it out!
3. Added messages under the post box, pertaining to upload size, files allowed and dimensions allowed. This also enabled me to get rid of the global message about reading the rules and to put it under the post box instead, so now we don't have the ugly red text everytime you browse the board.
4. Changed the way the filename system worked; instead of showing the uniquely generated UNIX timestamp, then the dimensions and the old filename, it shows the original filename first, but if you save the picture it still gives you the timestamp that was generated when the picture was posted.
5. Change thumbnail sizes, they're now 150x150 instead of 255x255. There wasn't really much of a need for post thumbnails to be the same size as thread ones, so even though it was a minor change in the config I think it'll make browsing look a bit nicer.
6. Disabled links being able to be clicked. Another minor fix but it's nothing more than a minor inconvenience to copy and paste the link in your URL bar if you really want to see what someone has posted. Plus, if we ever get spammed and it's not quickly deleted, you won't have any chance of actually seeing what they're spamming.
Enjoy Samachan!

Even more updates! admin — 08/22/15 (Sat) 06:58:23

I added these all a few days ago, but I figured I'd make a news post explaining what I added.
1. New CSSes! The two are "Love Lain" and "The Wired". The only difference between the two is the background, so if you don't like the fast moving lines of "The Wired", you can still enjoy the CSS with the slow moving dots of "Love Lain".
2. Selectively added new Javascript from vichan; if this breaks the site in the future I'll update but as of now I want to stay on the version we have; I'm not fond of their new upload button (where you can just drag and drop things), but that's just because I'm more traditional in how I browse imageboards. It's why we have noko and sage still!
- For the features themselves, we now have inline quote reply support, so if you hover over a reply to a post and it's not on the page yet, you can still read it. We also have a new report function, instead of scrolling down to the bottom of the page, you can simply click on the report button and the menu will open in the same post. Neat! You can also force anonymity if you don't like to see people using the namefield or tripcodes, you can hide threads, hide locked threads, and hide images. Not sure why'd you would want to hide images on an imageboard, but the option is there for those who would want to.
3. Added 2 new banners, look for them while you're posting!
4. Updated the frontpage. This one I'm split on, but for now it stays. I might try fiddling with it later so I can get the news embedded into it as well, but I think it is a much better front page of the website than my news ramblings were.
Enjoy Samachan!

Minor updates admin — 08/10/15 (Mon) 00:27:03

1. Added a few minor tweaks - you can post without a subject body, meaning you can start threads with just a picture.
2. Changed how spoilers work. Instead of having to type out [spoiler][/spoiler] for your spoilers, you simply need to type [s][/s].
3. We have a new official CSS! Check it out, it's titled Miko-tan and it looks pretty good. It's the default stylesheet for /a/, and it, along with "Strongest" are the two Samachan official CSSes. (Both were made by users and submitted to us!) We're keeping Yotsuba and Yotsuba B for now, so if you don't like them, feel free to use those instead.
Enjoy Samachan!

Oh no! I broke the site! (for the third time) admin — 08/04/15 (Tue) 12:48:06

Samachan has had quite a rough few months; I completely fucking screwed the site up, thanks to my ingenuity and ability to mess things up even with clear cut instructions. Don't worry though, all of the banners and content was saved to my hard drive. The only things that were lost was /h/, /l/, /a/ and /jp/. Totally not a lot, right?

I decided that we'll only go with /a/ for now. There's no need having 4 seperate boards and a meta board when we barely have 10 posters. It's stupid, and I'm pretty sure there was only one poster on /l/ anyways. I'll revise the rules, but it's safe to assume for the moment that any content that was acceptable on those boards is now acceptable on /a/.

Sorry that this happened, and I'll be working to make sure that it doesn't happen again. If you experience any issues while posting, you can email me at
Thanks, and enjoy Samachan!