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File: supergirlwithfire.swf (173.83 KB)


File: sunshine.swf (5.47 MB)


File: masimarogirls_nononono.swf (378.63 KB)


File: 777.swf (949.95 KB)


File: waifuism.swf (4.15 MB)


By the way, these all show up as MP3 thumbnails on the homepage.


i'll fix it "soon"


I appreciate the Castlevania music in this one


why no embed?


Code it yourself


File: mmmyeah.swf (443.92 KB)


File: flaaaandre.swf (598.7 KB)


File: eeeh.swf (224.92 KB)



File: Vodka.swf (9.4 MB)


I like this flash a lot





File: bleh.swf (387.15 KB)


File: manawamaba.swf (4.57 MB)


File: yui_practice.swf (4.21 MB)


File: lolibreakfastmachine.swf (286.55 KB)


File: cirno.swf (596.2 KB)


I had my headphone volume up pretty high and that made me jump about a foot in the air…


This one always makes me smile and sometimes get a little emotional


File: 04 Sweetest Paranoia.mp3 (10.42 MB)

Sweetest Paranoia is still my favorite UN Was Her? remix


File: 07 Tapir.mp3 (10.64 MB)

there's also this song from the same album which is simply fantastic


Hey wait a minute these aren't flashes!


File: ears.swf (3.36 MB)


File: another day.swf (5.12 MB)


File: runlolirun!.swf (190.59 KB)


File: weird.swf (903.93 KB)

This is one of the first flashes I ever saw


File: [USAGI INTENSIFIES].swf (3.34 MB)


File: icyas.swf (5.39 MB)


File: Remilia☆Destiny.swf (6.31 MB)


this is sooooo awesome


File: owata.swf (2.96 MB)


Whoa I quit after ten minutes and then it became the story of my life too!


I've restarted this at least ten times now.


Holy crap your bullets bounce off Guile's boots.


How do i kill the stupid cat?


File: 315.PNG (16.47 KB, 1050x668) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The one on the left? You ignore him for now and get on top of the spikes


Damn the other guy is hard to beat


If you mean Kuma-san you can shoot him with your bullets and stand in the spots he jumps over.


I made this thing and wanted to post it on Samachan first.
It's an idea I stole from this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhUzOpYxsaY
Samachan gets the better version with high-quality sound


1/30 (bad apple)


File: fvfmqm.swf (652.62 KB)


File: ~~~~osaka.swf (1.09 MB)



File: highschore.PNG (307.89 KB, 1919x968) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Just try and beat my hgihschore you fucking plebians!


I can't even get to the mountain


gambate, tomodachi! I believe in you. Just click better.

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