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File: madotsuki_yume_nikki_drawn….jpg (921.76 KB, 1000x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Discuss the game Yume Nikki and the adventures of Madotsuki, or your own and the dreams you've had.

Be detailed, and try to remember all that you can!


i dreamed that i wasnt a failure haha :) but then i woke up hahaha :) :)


I can't really bring myself to play Yume Nikki. The game looks depressing, I know for a fact it is depressing, and the fact that it's a depressed cute girl turns me off it even more.

>the dreams you've had

I had a dream a few days ago that was sort of surreal. I think I was eating at some sort of steakhouse in a log cabin sort of setting. Then because the food made me all sweaty and stuff I turned to my side and there were some vague female human-shaped blobs that I remembered "were" some old friends from school, like I recognized them. And I said we should take a shower and we all went upstairs and took a shower except by now the scenery had morphed into this huge concrete-iron building and we were showering in there. Then some dude - he didn't look like anything, just a 'dude', typical dream shit - and told me to get out because if I didn't he'd bring legal charges against me or something and that I needed to lick his boots or some shit. It was weird and I'm still not sure what the fuck it means about my subconscious.


File: 1362027929965.jpg (555.42 KB, 750x549) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yume Nikki is great but I won't tell you that the depressing atmosphere isn't part of it's appeal.
It's more of a relaxed sort of depressiveness, not abject despair though. And it's all so surreal that it's really only in atmosphere that it's sad. Aside from the ending of course.
I should replay it some time it's been very very long. Do you guys have a favorite area? The one with the lamps and walkways above black water was always really cool to me, and pic related as well.


i dreamed that i was a failure (゚Д゚;) but then i woke up hahaha ( ・∀・ )


great post


I should play YN too at some point, it's managed to escape me for the longest while, but at the moment I'm waist-deep in Eternal Sonata and it's really fun/addictive
it's combat system can be unforgiving as heck though

The most recent dream that I can recall was something I recounted a bit on /r/ but to keep it simple,

One of my older brothers asked me to kill him, and I think I did but I don't know if it was on purpose or if he set things up, but it was really weird and he made me put it up like it was an accident of some sort. Him dying involved a step ladder and a car, I think he was on top of the step ladder and the car lurched forward into it, knocking him off and killing him, but I wasn't looking at him from in the car, which makes me think I probably didn't do it. I think some time passed because I remember being really pissy towards my younger brother in the dream too, snapping at him and reminding him that the other brother died while we were at our grandma's house I think. I also remember running around and finding clues that he left behind or something in his old things, it was really bizarre and I'm not sure what to make of it.


I dreamed that I had left the window open and rain got in and ruined my desk and computer. I woke up it was raining and I did leave the window open but luckily not much water had gotten in. Thanks for looking out for me Mr. Sandman.


I had a really strange and pretty long dream last night that I feel like sharing:

My friends and I were at a bonfire (Which I actually was last night), but my sister was there too for some reason and the fire was at my grandparents house. Everyone was trying to make the fire bigger so that they could get giant fish to jump out of the lake at the bottom of the hill, but they were so into it they didn't notice the fire was encircling the whole house. I tried to tell them but everyone waved me off, so I went to go and put it out myself but couldn't. Eventually everyone turned around and saw it and helped me, and we chased the fire into the basement of the house, where there was a big stone room with ornate metal doors and candles everywhere, like a shrine. I panicked because I knew whatever the shrine was to would be upset if it caught fire, but we couldn't stop it and the fire touched the door and all the candles lit up and the door opened. We went inside to try and calm whatever was angry down, but when we got inside I realized I was cursed and my shadow had turned into a cat shape. My sister explained that I would have bad luck until it went away. We wandered for a bit into a public restroom somehow and I asked to borrow my sisters phone to look up how to get rid of it but she wouldn't give it to me. From then on everyone started ignoring me and trying to get away from me and it made me very upset. I turned around to leave them but when I got to door we entered from it was just a blank wall and the cat-shadow made a smug face at me. That's the last thing I remember about it.

I usually don't remember my dreams that well so I wanted to write this one down so I don't forget


I had a dream where I was browsing the internet as usual and found a werid quote somewhere I think on an imageboard or a blog and searched the phrase and came upon the anime and technology blog of one of my high school teachers, who should be somewhere in his mid fifties now I think. There were rumors when I was in school that he was gay but I don't think I ever found out whether they were true. I scrolled down and I found one post where he talked about how one of the first manga he'd ever read was something called "Tindoora" and it was some moderately popular really good seinen psychological and action series or something, looked a lot like Gunm. Apparently the main character was also a prostitute who really loved having sex and the post had an image of a set of panels which were just straight-up porn showing an uncensored dick entering her and her face going all happy with pleasure. The guy then went on to talk about how the sex scenes in the manga were really good and an interesting aspect of the character and story and then how they made him realize he was gay. He said "my current partner fucks me in the ass all the time now and I feel just like her." Then at the end he said he was still looking for the scans from some scan group I knew about in the dream but can't remember the name of now nor whether it was a real scan group now, and said they don't seem to be available and he'd post a link if he found them. The blog was dated sometime in 2006 and had some spam comments with random characters and a few 2ch-style comments. I searched for the name of the manga and the scan group and couldn't find anything but apparently there was an anime for it which I clicked on the anidb or ANN MAL or something page for, can't remember, but it had really low scores. I also searched for just "tindoora" and in my dream the internet said it was some kind of Indian bread, and then I woke up. Apparently a tindoora is actually some kind of phallic-shaped vegetable from Asia. I don't think I've ever seen the word before.


I had a dream involving me talking to a slut, and by 'a slut' I mean 'she's fucked roughly a township's worth of people'. I don't know what we were talking about or why or how I knew she was a repentant slut but it was weird and comfy Until Hitler from that Downfall movie showed up. shot both of us, and then we all went to jail or some shit


Had a dream last night where I was in the middle of a small intersection, with all the buildings in sight painted red, with gates at the far end of each street ending at some greenery–trees, I think. It seemed to be morning. There was one building on the corner of the intersection that was painted differently: it was purple, and seemed to be an inn or a bar or something due to the style of the decorations inside. I remember seeing only my dad there, and I remember walking and talking with him down one of the streets of the original intersection. There were no cars or anything, and the whole place seemed strangely quiet. I remember one thing mainly from my talk with my dad, and that was that when the door to the purple building closed, it wouldn't open again. I remember having a distinctly weird feeling that it was metaphoric for heaven for some reason. Not really sure.

Also had a wet dream the night before

that's really odd, I've heard of weird stuff happening in dreams but not learning new words like that hahaha

could you have maybe heard it in passing? a lot of stuff I remember seeing but never directly interacting with or actively trying to remember seems to seep its way into my dreams a lot


I had a dream about Samachan
I woke up and went to check it like always, but there was a third main board, and when I clicked on it it brought you to some kind of interface to play a trading card game with other Samachanners.


You aren't supposed to talk about the trading card board.


I dreamed I was getting smoked by a drill sergeant really close to my face and then I woke up and found my daki lying on my face which was where the warmth that I thought was his breath was coming from. I think have a newfound respect for her…


I don't remember my dreams often but mine was halfway across my room on the floor this morning, I hope I didn't sleeptalk anything hurtful or something

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