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watch bocchi and amazing stranger you homosexuals

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File: 01. Believe to Desire.mp3 (7.83 MB)


this is embarrassing….
I think even I can sing better than this


File: Image0001.JPG (2.25 MB, 5689x2853) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Well, show us then


She's really quiet, she's probably just nervous is all.


Published over 11 years ago, therefore it is immune to hate and can only be looked upon lovingly as a representation of a more innocent, honest time.


>she's probably just nervous is all
doesn't explain why she is so off-tone


It's a little embarrassing but it's also kinda cute.
Earnest incompetence can be charming, somehow. And who knows maybe 11 years later she has a fantastic singing voice!

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