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File: DuI25NAW0AAcm-H.jpg (252.98 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


The last Heisei year has just ended and the new Reiwa year has just begun.

Do you have any new (japanese) year's resolutions?

What about your new (western) year's resolutions? A third of the year has passed us by, so what better time to introspect and figure out if we're keeping up with them?

Surely you haven't forgotten about those, have you? Hmm?


it was to get better at drawing
i have not gotten better


What're you talking about christmas was like last week


still 1920x1080
gonna buy a 2nd monitor tho


Going to finally learn to tinker and mix drinks
I've been putting that off for ages but I should be free for almost half a year starting in July


You mean (japanese) christmas right?


Have you read the manga Bartender?


I watched the anime and it was one of the worst I've ever seen.


No, I haven't. Is it one of those hobby manga?


I don't make new years resolutions, that's dumb


Part of mine was to be happier and I've failed miserably at that.
The other part is a secret but I've failed miserably at that one too.
It's not for lack of trying but that almost makes it worse.


Don't know what you mean by hobby manga. Just figured it might have inspired you to learn to mix drinks, it's pretty popular.


i think they mean those manga that are about certain hobbies, like gunpla or something

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