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Playing through any visual novels or other games samachan?


>Playing through any visual novels or other games samachan?
Not currently but I'm definitely going to be buying Sekiro on Friday and giving it a try. I'll definitely post about it and I look forward to hearing Samachan's experience with the game.


I've played bits of it and it's been interesting and fun thus far. Unfortunately my GPU didn't really meet the minimum requirements and is randomly crashing and I have to play on the lowest possible setting which takes away a lot from the game. I'm wondering if I should get a new card.


File: 20190322011835_1.jpg (277.18 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've played about 6 hours so far, very fun game. Combat and movement are very different from Dark Souls but I like it a lot. Grappling around is very fun, and so is the fast paced parry-based sword combat. I'm still unlearning managing a stamina bar and my dodge having i-frames which has led to me dying a lot. I already have 3 rot essences! I'm still confused as to how the heck the resurrection mechanic and the dragon rot all work but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.

I got a little stuck on the Chained Ogre boss (his lunging grab is so hard to dodge!) but now I'm in a canyon with a big snake who does not like me very much. It's a pretty cool set piece. There was another route I could have taken but it was a scary cave with a warning outside of it. I went far enough in to see some kinda pale hunched over goblin with a big glowing sword and chickened out.


video games are for children


I'm not yet as far as ahead as you are but I agree the fast paced combat is very fun. Most people probably had a lot of trouble playing it like DS and I did too but I'm adopting a Tenchu approach and it really reminds me of the series.


I have not played Tenchu but I've heard people make the comparison. I just got to the point where I unlocked the skill trees, they add a lot of cool options to combat which I'm excited for. I got an ability that lets me stomp down on an incoming thrust with a well-timed dodge towards which is so much fun to use on spear dudes. The game does a good job of making you feel like a super powered ninja while still being rewardingly difficult.

I wish I knew if there was a respec in the game or not though, I'm saving my skill points right now because you can find combat style manuals that give you whole extra skill trees and I don't wanna waste points. DS2 and DS3 both had a respec in them though so I imagine there's probably a way in this game.


Also I appreciate that despite there being a full English dub, the default audio setting is Japanese with subtitles, I don't think I've seen a game do that before


>, I'm saving my skill points right now because you can find combat style manuals that give you whole extra skill trees and I don't wanna waste points.
don't do that. every time you die you lose half your EXP


Woah, I just beat Lady Butterfly, that was a really fun boss fight. Probably the hardest I've gotten stuck on a boss thus far, but it totally gave me that same feeling of incremental improvement and eventual success that I really was hoping for out of this games bosses. I wasn't keeping track but it took me at least 10 tries. I quickly ran out of Snap Seeds which made her second phase a lot harder, but still very doable. Learning how to combine parries and dodges simultaneously to get away from her homing butterflies and not die to her melee attacks felt really satisfying once I had it figured out.
Wait I thought you only lost half your progress to your next point?


>Wait I thought you only lost half your progress to your next point
oh maybe that's it
still better to use it, you need to unlock enough shinobi skills to get the visceral kill autoheal. It's not called viscerals but you know what I mean


Well I've gotten to the point where the game opens up a lot. I've died every which of the 4 ways available to me I go though. I can go fight the sword and bow dude from the tutorial on top of a tower, a headless demon who I need to waste consumables on to even attempt in a spooky cave, a spear guy who spams ghost skulls at you in a different spooky cave, or I can try to explore a cliff fortress full of Tuskan raider looking guys
How far have has samachan gotten?
Yeah I've been using them as I get them now, the game's getting a lot harder and I need whatever I can get. the heal on kills skill is really useful, yeah.


What game do you mean? Sekiro? I haven't played it at all, how much is it/pirateable?


Yes it is.


Do you get anything if the guy helping you to fight Juzou didn't die?


No besides a sentence of extra dialog if you talk to him again.


Yeah we're talking about Sekiro. It's like $60 but there's no online component so it's probably pirateable pretty easily.
I didn't even notice that guy until after I had cleared the area. He ran out once all the enemies were dead shouting and then just said "Looks like it's all clear" and wandered around the courtyard.


I have 3-4 paths to choose from Ashina Castle, Ashina Depths/Abandoned Dungeon, Temple.


You haven't done Ashina Castle yet? That's probably going to be the easiest one then. I thought you had to go through Abandoned Dungeon to get to both Ashina Depths and Kongou Temple. I haven't done Abandoned Dungeon yet so I have yet to explore three of those places. I'm in Sunken Valley right now, fighting a giant white monkey. Which major bosses have you beaten so far? Did you beat Genichiro?


No, not yet. I have yet to reach Sunken Valley, I chose to explore the other places. I've only beaten Gyoubu and Lady Butterfly.


Turns out I totally missed a path in the castle, past the big bell ogre there's a route I hadn't explored yet, looks like I can put off fighting the miniboss I was stuck on. I'm a fair bit into the temple area now. Those double headed spear guys are pretty tough.
Ah, I'd say definitely go do that then, I think the game expects you to have by now. I found him a lot easier than Lady Butterfly. You haven't managed to kill the purple orb dude in Abandoned Dungeon yet have you? And if you have, how?!


Which miniboss? No, not yet I think he is an apparition type similar to the headless ogre in the cave.


The big white monkey in Bodhisattva valley. I only gave him two tries though, I'm sure I could beat him if I tried some more, but I'm liking exploring the temple right now. There's also some cave that a Memorial Mob guy warned me not to go in because of snake gods which sounds exciting.
>I think he is an apparition type similar to the headless ogre in the cave.
No he takes damage as normal, he's just really hard and spams projectiles. I almost got him down one health bar but it's so hard to get a hit in on him


I gave up at the butterfly lady and the bull. I'll give it another try later.


The game is only for windows? Guess i will miss another game


It's on console.


I took almost 20 tries to beat Lady Butterfly, should be doable since you've beaten Gyoubu. For the bull, get the hand cannon upgrade from the merchant in the area next to the battlefield with Gyoubu.


I would honestly save Lady Butterfly for after the Ashina Castle boss, she's a lot harder than him imo and by the time you clear Ashina Castle you should have some extra HP and attack. The bull gets a lot easier with what >>21430 suggested. Also my trick to beating him was to only try to parry as a last resort, and try to stay next to or behind him with dodges while you smack him.


File: 83b3f88f2d7283bc76738eb5d0….png (591.88 KB, 691x1111) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Wow, Sands of Destruction has some of the worst voice acting I've ever heard. I'm considering getting the Japanese version just so I can pay attention to it without laughing out a kidney every line of dialogue. I hope the rest of the game is this good.


Holy heck this part on the roof where you get swarmed by purple one-armed ninjas is really hard, I can barely take on one of them and once three of them are on you it just feels unfair. As soon as you get close to posture breaking one he backs off and the others attack. I dunno if anyone else is this far but it's at Ashina Castle, after it gets invaded and you lose access to its idols.


I had a hard time taking on Genichiro because I couldn't get the lightning reversal right but finally managed to edge it. Also managed to beat the three monkeys.

Since you've beaten Genichiro before exploring the temple, I was wondering if you did get to meet the priest in the main hall of the temple?


>Lightning Reversal
I actually didn't even use that once, I just dodged and ran around his big lightning attacks. I'm actually pretty proud that I sightread his second phase, even though I did die to his first two times.
>Also managed to beat the three monkeys.
Wouldn't be a FromSoft game without at least one silly gimmick boss fight.
>I was wondering if you did get to meet the priest in the main hall of the temple?
You mean the one in the illusory halls where you "fight" the monkeys? Other than him, I don't think so, what does he say? I've read that this game has multiple endings and it's pretty hard to get the "true" ending blind, so once I beat it I'll probably play again with the aid of a wiki or some such.


Oh yeah, and since you did Genichiro after Senpou Temple, what did the Divine Child say about the Mortal Blade when you met her, since Kuro wouldn't have yet told you to go find it, right?


I'm on this part right now I was wondering why the idols were gone…


You can't meet her yet, the illusory hall wasn't accessible then. There is a head priest that looks like the mummified priest enemies but with a yellow robe sitting before the bell instead. He tells you that the Divine Child is in the inner sanctum and hands you an item to give her if you meet her.


A bit slow but I've finally caught up. Have any of you killed off the headless enemies?


I think I'm almost done with the game, I'm certainly in the last area. These weird pale dragon dudes are really obnoxious. They instakill you if they look at you for too long, and you can't rez from it… Also the Divine Child is really cute, make sure to visit her occasionally.
I killed off all three of them, they're a real pain in the butt though. Using Divine Confetti makes the fight a lot easier, you can basically just DPS race them if you remember to retreat and use Pacifying Agent before your terror gauge fills. You get a kinda neat reward from them.


Yeah I went back and killed them, somewhat easy to handle with divine confetti but his one shot moves are still a pain to deal with.

Right now I'm on demon of hate and I've lost like 15 times so far. I will keep trying.


Is that far from >>21439?


You're pretty close to where I'm at, I took a break and spent a few hours wandering around double checking areas, exhausting dialogue and upgrading my tools. I haven't gotten to the boss >>21441 is talking about yet though. I am excited to finish my playthrough so I can go online and look at spoilers to see what I missed.


Kind of. You have to finish Fountainhead Palace before you get to it.

>I haven't gotten to the boss >>21441 is talking about yet though.

It is optional so try not to miss it. The kid is going to be waiting at the final boss room and rather than rushing for that you should go back to that area in Ashina where you fought the general on the horse. (I think he was the very first real boss in the game) That's where you find Demon of Hate.


Done with Sekiro now I have nothing else to play…


Play Persona 5


Can I emulate it on PC yet?


If you have a good PC maybe, look up RPCS3


I'm playing Sekiro. I just beat Gyoubu.


Nice, how are you liking it? have you killed any other bosses? The game really starts to open up after that point and there's a lot of ways to go so if you get stuck just explore a bit.


Been playing Jet Set Radio. It makes me sad that there is no anime or manga focused on rollerblading or skateboarding delinquents.


Attempt number 11 and counting on Demon of Hate…
This is Darkeater Midir all over again, and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I can get him like halfway through phase two right now, that fire beam that crosses the whole arena keeps getting me.


Got him in only 19 tries! That was a really fun boss, I like how you have to fight him very differently than most of the other bosses in the game, deflections and blocking really do you no good and you have to just run and dodge a lot.


Well I'm on what I assume is the final boss of Sekiro and it's pretty crazy. I gave it 3 tries and managed to get him to the second phase twice, but I think I'm gonna save it for tomorrow, my boss grinding batteries were depleted by Demon of Hatred. This fight seems pretty tough!


I'm here as well.


File: 1461702560921.png (175.86 KB, 420x372) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I beat Sekiro! Got the ending with the Divine Child too. That was a really great game, some of the most fun combat in a game that I've ever played and the difficulty level was just right, I really wasn't ever frustrated but it was still a challenge. Definitely got my moneys worth out of it and I'm excited for future DLC, which From has a pretty good track record with. I really enjoyed all the Dark Souls DLC.


Finally completed Sekiro, got the same ending as yuyu. Great and fun game but not without flaws. Considering the Divine Child ending, I'm hoping there would be a sequel. Seems like a reference to journey to the west and possibly a connection to the dragons in the souls series.


I went to Game Stop today to look at used DS games and I saw Sekiro for sale.


Nice, congrats! I thought the final boss was a lot of fun. I think I'm going to play through a second time with the harder difficulty.
>Great and fun game but not without flaws.
What were your complaints with it, out of curiosity? The biggest thing I didn't like about it was the stealth aspect and how the game kind of forces you into using it by giving you encounters that are really unfair unless you cheese some of the enemies, which felt kinda unrewarding to me. Also a lot of the "stealthing" amounts to just abusing bad AI and not actually being sneaky, which further makes those encounters feel unrewarding.

That and I feel like some of the prosthetic tools were pretty underutilized, but that's more on me than the game. I was just way more likely to take damage trying to make things like the fan, the spear, and the feather work on normal enemies, and against bosses I either used the one the game explicitly tells you to use or didn't use anything at all, because again, futzing around with tools was just making the fight harder for me. For most of the game I used the flame blast, the firecracker, the shuriken, and occasionally sabimaru.


Both points you've made are spot on, I'd also expand that there is a lack of flow between the gameplay transition of exploring and fighting normal enemies versus the boss duels. As you've mentioned, while I liked the stealth gameplay, the awful AI takes away a lot of satisfaction from it. I didn't use the prosthetic tools much either and barely upgraded it but I've been reading up on things related to the game and it seems that together with combat arts, could provide a variety of different ways to play the game and fight bosses.

Since it's probably also made in the same engine as the souls series and it having similar interfaces, I can't help but compare the two and while I appreciate it being a different game, I feel like the absence of certain elements from the souls series somewhat regrettable. My biggest gripe with the game though would be that I feel that the game is too short, especially in comparison to other From Software titles although it is still significant compared to most modern games. The side quests and NPCs are also weaker than their other titles and there are a lot of unnecessary NPCs that only serves as a waypoint to progress the direction of the game like the monk in the hidden forest and the basket guy. I've read that for the vendors, Miyazaki only directly designed the pot nobles and it shows as they were the only ones that are remotely interesting. I'd also like to add that considering the duel-like battle system, I thought that PvP might've been fun. The location design was in general gorgeous but there are a few places where it felt lacking such as the depths which felt like a half assed attempt to replicate the area from Souls and the Fountainhead Palace which was actually brilliant but I was expecting the "palace" to be another area instead of a dingy house.

Anyway, I really like the setting being in the east instead of the usual medieval trope and I hope Japanese devs would come up with more games like it as it used to be in the past with games such as tenchu and way of the samurai. I've always hoped for a Souls game set in the east and whilst this is not exactly it, it's still a great game overall with some great moments and gave me a taste of what it could be. I'd still love to see a sequel though.


I'm enjoying it a lot, but I haven't played in the last days. I killed Lady Butterfly and Genichiro since my last post.


I'm poor and am waiting on my 24th Birthday next month in hopes that someone will get Sekiro for me.
I've avoided lots of spoilers except that the little girl is actually a little boy, there's a big ol' snake and a boss with no head.

Is it like Demon's Souls, or Dark Souls/Bloodborne?
I absolutely loved Demon's Souls when it came out, found Dark Souls to be above average, and was frankly disappointed with Bloodborne.


File: __lady_maria_of_the_astral….jpg (40.1 KB, 475x633) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What's wrong with just pirating it?


I haven't played Bloodborne or Demon's Souls, but I found the game to be closest to Dark Souls 3, which in turn is the closest of those games to Bloodborne, or so I hear. At least in that it's fast paced and the combat is very frenetic rather than methodical like Dark Souls 1. That said, it's really a wholly different game, the only similarities between it and the other Hidetaka Miyazaki games are some structural things like how the world and enemies are laid out, the difficulty, the progression of your healing flask, etc. The combat is it's own thing entirely, and the RPG elements are pretty much wholly gone, as is the multiplayer. Great game though, I hope you are able to play it soon! Like anonymous said, if you can't afford it, there's nothing wrong with pirating it.


>and the RPG elements are pretty much wholly gone
Bit of a non-sequitur, but am I the only one who never cared for these in action games? The whole idea of an action RPG seems to just be an excuse to not have to design harder and harder levels and puzzles for a player that gets better at the game, substituting it with bigger numbers and more grinding. I say this as someone who likes actual RPGs very much.


post-game blues


I wish another sekiro would come out right now…


Why not just play through it again with a different build? Or try maining a different weapon… oh wait…


You're missing the point.


he's poor, he probably only has a toaster and a second-hand ps4


File: emiliaf22(4).png (3.93 MB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



The power of ace combat on pc…


File: healing.png (1.64 MB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Started Symphonic Rain. The music is good and the rhythm game is very fun.


Tortas and champurrado huh, this is making me hungry…


File: hmph.png (543.03 KB, 492x655) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Torta may be sweet but she is not something you eat!


File: Spoiler Image (148.86 KB, 641x710) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I wouldn't mind a bite…


File: disgust.png (399.17 KB, 361x670) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Die pervert.


File: RESIDENT EVIL 2_2019041722….mp4 (17.2 MB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Does Resident Evil 2 count?
It was made in Japan by Japanese, is all.

I shot this zombie girl's arms and legs off and got a serious boner watching her wiggle around on the floor.


Wow, is that what RE2 looks like with the Expansion Pak? I really missed out huh.


File: 1448692385533.png (42.78 KB, 323x207) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

why did you even need to ask this


File: 88522a2c4129d86bce448c051d….jpg (25.92 KB, 431x381) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>I shot this zombie girl's arms and legs off and got a serious boner watching her wiggle around on the floor.


Please don't be mean to Anonymous-san. We all feel love slightly differently.


You know it.
I refer to the remake as "Resident Evil 2" because it doesn't have "remake" in the official title, and the devs started referring to it as a "reimagining" instead of a "remake", and I'm stupid anal about stuff like that and don't want to screw up the "official" name.

I've been scolded in the past for posting stuff I thought was Japanese, but wasn't Japanese enough.
I was worried that since the story takes place in America, it wasn't Japanese enough of a game.

Com'on yuyu! Look at the way her butt jiggles! She's totally helpless and very cute!


>I've been scolded in the past for posting stuff I thought was Japanese, but wasn't Japanese enough.


there's not varying levels of "japanese", if its japanese you can discuss it
what are you talking about



Well I posted that thread with Japanese drawings of CSA soldiers on 2D/Everything and you said that wasn't Japanese enough.
So I figured if Japanese drawings of Americans wasn't Japanese enough then Japanese games set in America might not be either, so I wanted to check.


if its japanese its allowed, i've never said otherwise or i would've just deleted the thread
my issue with that is the "intent" and the "spirit of the law" rather than the letter
imagine if someone made a thread about japanese opinions of the president, sure it's japanese but its also political and who gives a shit
it just made me think


File: 1529946879350.jpg (339.94 KB, 1028x732) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That's fair, but I get very anxious being scolded or questioned regardless, like in the CSA thread. I can't read tone over text with some of your posts, Yuno, and I get intimidated.
Therefore I try to avoid any possible scolding and questioning by double checking, but it got me questioned.


Kaos intrigues me as a lifeform


I'm not a lifeform but Kaos intrigues me as well.


File: Koopa Turk.png (179.89 KB, 790x442) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Am I the only one who saw Koopa Troopas as turkeys when I was a kid?


what did you think was happening when you jumped on it


I honestly forget, but given that shooting Goombas with fireballs turned them into coins things didn't make much sense to me anyway.


did you not read the manual lol


File: m6.png (153.32 KB, 502x362) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I mostly bought used carts for cheap since I didn't care about boxes anyway.
I know, I'm a piece of shit. I also stole a shiny Pokemon from a Puerto Rican kid in my neighborhood. I asked him to trade it to my cart so I could evolve it for him, without any intentions of trading it back, and I never did.
I still have a Shiny Crobat on one of my old Ruby carts.
To be fair that kid and his buddy used to play hide and go seek without telling me I was it whenever I left the house, so I feel somewhat justified in my perfidy.


File: __cirno_and_doraemon_dorae….jpg (100.85 KB, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


That's the mainline harvest moon series made by Marvelous now, right?



File: Fuck You.png (137.12 KB, 912x570) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I got Sekiro on PS4 for my Birthday.
It wont install the updates, saying, "There's not enough free space", but when I check my free space I have 30GB+ available, and I doubt some first week patches are over 30GB in size.


Happy birthday anonymous! Hope you get the game to work, it's fun


Happy birthday
How old are you


File: 1483098171105.jpg (20.31 KB, 431x415) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Thank you and thank you!
I got it to work by deleting Red Dead Redemption 2 as an app (but not my saves)

I'm 24.
I also got physical volumes of the Houseki no Kuni manga volumes 1-8 and a shirt I've wanted for a while.


What shirt?


A shirt that says "Northern Confederate" and shows the North Eastern States colored as a Dixie flag.


that doesnt even make any sense
you should return it


I've seen more dixie flag bumper stickers in upstate new york and ohio than mississippi. Yankees are weird.


File: Okuta Tokuo 1.png (57.85 KB, 329x340) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It makes sense to me, which is why I've wanted it!

It's a mix of believing secession was constitutional, being disappointed with our current local governments, genuinely liking Southern folks, and showing signs of general rebellion against society. Especially that last one, though.


File: 1.mp4 (8.31 MB, 544x416) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Kemono Friends RPG named "KEMONO BOUND" is in development. Made by the same guy who made Kemono Labyrinth http://www.soundcross.net/contents/game/kemolaby/


File: 2.mp4 (12.43 MB, 544x416) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: D5xNuaCU0AA-O2_[1].jpg (93.21 KB, 467x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh that's interesting, looks nice. That reminds me, there was another guy making a 3D Kemono Friends rpg, I wonder if there are any progress on his side. I hope Kaban will be in this as well.


It's still being made I believe. A different guy started making his own 3D Kemono Friends RPG too.


Could you post a link to that one?




Thank you, so this one's more of an ARPG I see.


File: pso20190506_220947_003.png (1.56 MB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Started playing PSO2 again, and I wondered if anyone here was interested in trying it out.
We could make a samaguild and bother japanese people. Fun stuff!

Here's a guide to help you get started and apply the fan made english patch:


Yeah I'm very interested. I can't play for the next couple of weeks but after that I'll download and start.


Make a post here when you're in game and I'll add you


Wow, those are some surprisingly low system requirements. I wonder if it'd run on my toughbook while I'm out in the field building stuff…


Yeah, it runs very well on my dying laptop from 2012 lol


File: [HorribleSubs] Gabriel Dro….jpg (112.84 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

If we're going to play MMOs together, which I would enjoy immensely, how is Final Fantasy XIV?


There were some posts about it before but I think having to pay for a subscription turned people away.


why not Guild Wars 2?
or Maplestory 2?
(these are the two MMORPGs I know)


They're Korean




Well outside of not wanting to play Nexon shit because they have a notoriously awful track record, i also want to play a Japanese MMO




shut it fag before I make you shut it


Everyone knows the japanese make the best games, they're folded over 1000 times after all.


Everyone knows that Korea is rightful territory to the Empire of Japan, and Korean people are the property of the Japanese government, so it counts.


Icicle's actually been playing MMOs since the UO days. I met him on Catskills in 1999. Good times.


Speaking of MMOs look at this one (no it's not Japanese and - in dealbreaker - you can't play a cute girl forever since you grow old)
No idea if it's going to be good but the idea sounds amazing


Looks like a crowdfunding scam.


Yeah, though they apparently do have work on it
I'm interested but fuck preordering, no matter what exclusive goodies they have


File: pso20190510_232725_001.png (973.59 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This game is amazing


I downloaded it, what ship are you on?


File: pso20190512_175136_017.png (869.31 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ship 2, be sure to post your character when you're done making it!
The character creator is probably the best I've ever used.


File: ..png (2.78 MB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Tried to make hyper agent gridman, my player ID is 14519945


>The character creator is probably the best I've ever used.
Well now I'm interested
I'll try downloading it.


Came out pretty good!
I'll add you when I get on later.


Looks like adding friends when they arent in front of you requires the character name or the player ID name lol.

If you could post one of those it'd be neat, thanks.


Oh sorry, my player ID name is Juno-SG.


What does the SG stands for?


Seaborgium because it has the atomic number 106.




Yeah lol, don't have one but I'd like to one day.



What classes are you guys? I wanna pick something that will compliment us as a group
Or are we all gonna be too far apart in level to play together?


I'm a hunter and anonymous is a bouncer.

Dont worry too much about classes rhough, pick whatever you find fun.


Will playing this take a lot out of my time? Because i am short on time


Will playing an MMO, a genre notorious for being a massive time investment take a lot out of your time?
Probably not bro lol


probably yeah.


I mean ryusei is playing it and he has no free time either


I have a ton of free time, what are you talking about?


Well, fuck you too buddy


File: [grimf] Ichigo Mashimaro 0….jpg (264.4 KB, 1024x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well I downloaded the game and I was all ready to go and spend more time in the character creator than I'm likely to spend actually playing the game but the servers are down for maintenance! How annoying…
RIP Horatio, he never scored


File: pso20190516_012342_005.png (1.92 MB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I made a character! And then ran around getting confused by the amount of shops and currency and items for a little while. I couldn't even find the place to buy cute clothes. MMOs are overwhelming but the game seems pretty good.


Cute! For cute clothes your best option is the player shop (accessable through the visphone), but most things are expensive…


Why would you lie lol


She is cute heck you


that character looks awful


File: 5016b4aa2a46c0cbdc2eea1828….jpg (9.43 KB, 188x188) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well I'd like to see you make a better brown elf loli


i dont want to play with you, so no need


Y-yeah well I bet you don't even play and are just being mean for the sake of it!


i've been playing since Ryusei originally posted about this in 2017


Why don't you want to play with Samachan?!


I love the ego on you that you think that you are Samachan.


Oh come on you know what I meant


Not wanting to play with you ≠ not wanting to play with Samachan


But I'm a part of Samachan just as much as any poster is…
And why don't you want to play with me is the real question I had.


If you're going to flame each other can you at least be creative about it?


It's not flaming it's foreplay.


In any case is there a guild or something we can all join? I saw there was a "teams" feature
I've not flamed anybody I just want to know what this guys deal is!
Anonymous is a tsundere huh…


i dont like you and dont want to play with you, now stop derailing this thread like you do every thread when someone says something that offends your sense of self worth you fucking attention whore


File: 1521729303504.png (35.97 KB, 194x159) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Both of you stop flaming and derailing a thread about videogames, goodness gracious


jeez, all because people have different opinions on cute…
there's no team yet


I played excitebike again after a long time today. It was fun.


Cuteness is serious business


kiwami 2 is fun


Been playing kirby's dream course. It's minigolf with kirby as the ball. It's adorable and very fun.


Is that the one for the SNES? I've played it before years ago and I remember having a good time playing it. It's probably the only Kirby game I've played to date.


I've played that too, I picked it up at a second-hand store a few years ago. It has an excellent learning curve - you get a pretty good control of Kirby quite quickly, which is pleasant, yet you can tell there's still much more to learn.

And now I must resist the urge to become that guy who shoves uncalled for recommendations down people's throats, because someone said
>It's probably the only Kirby game I've played


Yes it is.
All of the kirby spinoff games are pretty solid. Kirby's tilt n rumble is one of my favorites.


File: Spoiler Image (489.04 KB, 800x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Finishing up Stella Glow. I hadn't heard of this game before and was surprised at how high quality it was.

+ Each character feels like they have their own unique play style
+ Cute girls
+ You can marry the bad girl
+ Engaging story
+ Great OST
+ Nice SRPG gameplay

Only thing I didn't like was how slow it felt sometimes. Early game can be physically painful, and I would unironically say it gets good about 15-20 hours in. (That's when plot starts developing and you start getting better items.) If you have the patience, you could enjoy this fantastic game. Its definitely one of the better I've played.

Spoiler image, my wife and child.


What is an SRPG


SRPGs are turn based combat games that revolve around grids. Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Disgaea are popular examples. Also you can emulate it, that's what I'm doing. 3DS emulation is pretty good right now.


Oh cool, I didn't even know there was a name for it. What does the S stand for?
>you can emulate it
Woah what since when
What's the good one then? I'll find a ROM site for the games


Strategy RPG

Citra is what you use for emulation and you can find a decrypted rom with a quick google search.


Stella Glow was great. It's pretty grindy at some points and a lot of the story is a ripoff of Luminous Arc but I really enjoyed it.
They're usually called TRPGs in the west. Some people make a distinction that SRPG refers specifically only to the FFT/Tactics Ogre type of game while TRPG refers to stuff on a smaller scale like Radiant Historia with some basic tactical thinking required but the terms are interchangeable if you ask me since that kind of thing is pretty standard in the RPG genre as a whole and calling it "strategy" in the first place is kind of a misnomer anyways. Technically a true strategy RPG would be something like Nobunaga's Ambition but those are pretty rare and the more strategic get the less RPG they tend to get.


>Also you can emulate it
If you have an actual 3DS it's pretty trivial to install CFW and pirate games. It's pretty comfy and once you get it set up feels less clunky than the old R4 cards and stuff. I never really enjoyed playing DS games on an emulator.


>It's pretty grindy at some points

It actually wasn't grindy at all and I forgot to include that in my post. I've probably only done the free battle missions maybe a couple times, the leveling system is really good in that it catches you up with the story missions pretty fast.

>They're usually called TRPGs

I've only seen people refer to them as SRPGs and I'm going to keep calling them that…


Ah, crap. I meant to write slow and wrote grindy on accident. Yeah, the leveling is pretty convenient, pretty much the same as Luminous Arc if I remember correctly. Actually I felt like, just like with Luminous Arc, it was a bit too forgiving and fast but that that might just be because I tend to do extra free battles and try to keep everyone at the same level.


File: [HorribleSubs] Sewayaki Ki….jpg (70.5 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And now I've got those post-game feels… Any other games to fill this void?


I remember that, haven't kept up with the development of it for a while, is it good enough to run with a mediocre machine now?

What are you looking for?


Anyone with knowledge on how to decrypt a .cia file for Citra?


JRPG that I can play or emulate on computer where you can romance the girl and live a fulfilling life. And yes I've played through Persona series and also Harvest Moon/Rune Factory.

Aren't they usually decrypted? I don't think you'd need to do it yourself.


The tools are probably on 3dsiso.
Assuming you've already played DQV, Sakura Wars and Thousand Arms are good. There's some romancey stuff in Summon Night and Ar Tonelico I guess which are good too.


I'm in posession of an undubbed copy of Bravely Default but it's decrypted. Tried using https://gbatemp.net/threads/batch-cia-3ds-decryptor-a-simple-batch-file-to-decrypt-cia-3ds.512385/ but it didn't work, gave me a fatal with the decrypted copy on Citra.

Off the top of my head nothing comes to mind besides the ones already posted by >>21596 if anything comes up I'll post it.


File: furbikini[1].jpg (175.84 KB, 640x446) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh I remembered, Azure Dreams does have romance elements but it plays primarily like a roguelike.


File: 61876567534.png (1.37 MB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I am giving this game a shot
Nothing's happened so far but I got the emulator working


Well I accidentally sent the tutorial monster home so I missed out on the tutorial but I think I understand the game anyways

My monster keeps dying on the first level though and I can't find any new ones, should I really just be grinding this early?


File: [HorribleSubs] Konohana Ki….jpg (93.52 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Anyone play guilty gear?


I have xrd but it runs like garbage on my PC for some reason…


File: 1550010554360.gif (486.11 KB, 540x352) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I play Xrd sometimes. I suck at fighting games but still fun to play.


What region?

Its not that demanding…


South America


>Its not that demanding…
I know that's why its weird… It runs like its in slow motion even though everything is as low as it will go.


I played some version of XX on PS2 for a while. Don't really remember it that well but I think it was pretty good.


It'd probably be laggy then…


Seems like it will have some form of "time travel", though not in the sense as we know it. A connection to the past.


Are you still playing?


Wow, a real time traveler.




Looks cool. I didn't catch the Pokemon Go hype so I'll give this a try if it comes out in the west.


So it won't use AR as Go did and there is a quest system and some form of narrative. I sure hope so, the DQ series is generally not as well known as pokemon in the west and only in recent years have they been truly expanding into the western market. DQX was never released in the west as far as I'm aware. Also, the fact that it plays more like an RPG and less open-ended as Go did would probably make it harder to localise.


DQX isn't available outside of Japan because Square doesn't want anything to challenge FFXIV


squaresoft is gay
enix 4 life


Agreed, it would have been better if the merger hadn't happened but then again it was necessary.



Is this the FGO killer? Also when the fuck can I fuck Cynthia?


File: 9d3e082248d68069176a3cc27d….jpg (992.71 KB, 1500x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I started playing Asperger Lane. I've more or less been grinding 24/7 the past couples days as I can't seem to put it down. My goal is to marry Roon and I just started research on her, the real grind begins 24 hours from now.


We had a Samachan Azur Lane guild but everyone in it died


Sad… I think I remember seeing an Azur Lane thread a while back but I think they were playing on the EN version. I'm on JP.


Well I hope you speak Japanese


I can read a decent amount of kanji, everything else I rely on guides.


File: velvet.jpg (277.63 KB, 960x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Has anyone here played Tales?

I can only play it on nox so it's not worth it for me, especially because the gameplay cycle is weird to me
I might still go back at some point when I have time.


I liked the ninja girl with the titties in tales of symphonia but the combat system in those games doesn't really appeal to me at all


I've played Phantasia, Destiny and Eternia but only completed Eternia.


File: velvet and laphicet.jpg (62.87 KB, 1035x581) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Fair enough, it's not really a great system
I mostly like Berseria, Velvet tickles my dick nerves


For what it was it was pretty good actually, I just prefer turn-based games or full-on action RPGs over hybrid systems like that
I haven't really played much of them but from what I've seen the newer games have improved and refined it too


The character on the right is a boy isn't it


It's a shota yes


What're you cruising for an eromenos or something you criminal?


No I'm testing my trap radar
I don't know what that means. And I'm not a criminal!


File: __velvet_crowe_tales_of_se….jpg (125.45 KB, 900x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I have nothing productive to say about Tales though so I'm just going to post some more Velvet


File: __velvet_crowe_tales_of_se….png (326.14 KB, 560x560) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: __velvet_crowe_tales_of_se….jpg (150 KB, 900x1079) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: __velvet_crowe_tales_of_se….jpg (71.33 KB, 700x1050) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: __velvet_crowe_tales_of_se….jpg (52.61 KB, 660x740) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

OK I'll stop now


Shes hot, keep going


File: __velvet_crowe_tales_of_se….png (1.21 MB, 1000x1454) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

There's only so many decent pictures of her. I wish there was more…


What a shame, I really like her design.


Nice midriff


File: __velvet_crowe_tales_of_se….jpg (120.47 KB, 1120x840) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



File: catgirl.PNG (3.89 KB, 243x233) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

not strictly "japanese" but they recently added the ability to transform into a catgirl in Degrees of Lewdity


That game was fun when I first played it but is there any reason to try it again?


no, not really
but it's still kinda addictive, and it's fun playing through it again with a new character


All these text adventure western eroge are wierdly addictive and I find myself playing them for hours on end, just edging. Degrees of Lewdity, Lilith's Throne, and of course CoC which has gotten continued updates through mods.


I do the same, it can take up my entire day but gives me incredibly powerful orgasms. What CoC mods are you talking about?


I tried CoC in the past and Lilith's Throne since, but only DoL really "did it" for me (both sexually and in just being a fun time-sink)


I think what helps DoL is having the little avatar showing what you look like. Having to constantly check back and see what I now look like in CoC and Lilith's Throne takes away a bit of the enjoyment


I think the reason is that DoL has a light anime-esque flare to it
it's also a lot less fetishy than, say, Lilith's Throne


They are fun but my issue with CoC and DoL is that it's way too hard to play the game in such a way that it caters to your fetishes and instead you end up getting brutally raped or growing penises for fingers or something when all I wanted to do was sex my best friend or a cute mouse girl


File: 333c839ddfe1f99f2e416c2963….jpg (225.97 KB, 532x1028) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Is it bad I play so many games solely because the girls are so fucking hot


File: Lady_maria.png (409.09 KB, 1124x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Apparently a new IP by From Software created in tandem with George R R Martin is going to be announced at the Microsoft E3 press conference at 1 PM PT today. It is supposedly titled Elden Ring.


I hope it's an RTS.


I hope it's a text-based eroge.


I hope it fucking sucks.


You don't like the most overrated author of the 21st century?
Well, maybe not most, but he's gunning for Stephen King's spot


E3 is lame as ever but this lady was adorable oh my gosh


How do you mean? It doesn't look like a very cute game.


I think he means the japanese dev lady presenting the game


Not the game, the woman presenting it!
She was cute…


You guys are weird.


How am I weird?! Japanese accents are adorable and so was that lady.


File: 1417924856373.jpg (15.09 KB, 153x173) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



File: 1498882332295.png (245.79 KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Yeah! Exactly!
Are you OK anonymous? What's with the face?


The disappearance of engrish from modern anime is a fate that must be avoided at all costs.


This actually looks quite interesting.

I'm wary about Japanese devs' eagerness to collaborate with western creators, I like From Software but I'm on the fence on this one.


It's almost like japan didn't waste a ton of money and resources trying to imitate western shit when the market was already flooded with western shit and competition was impossible for a whole console generation and finally managed to get back on their feet and catch up in record time by going back to their roots and making full use of their galapagos uniqueness.

Nope, that didn't happen. Get us those western hacks and let kojima waste another billion yen pretending hollywood likes him.


sorry to be a cynical piece of crap but that seemed kind of forced


I don't completely grasp your point but I'll assume we're on the same page. I think this boils down partially to a case of the grass is greener plus a lack of self-confidence on the part of the Japanese devs. The global market is a huge slice of the pie the Japanese industry have been desperately trying to penetrate in the last decade or so, even more so with the contraction of the domestic market. Most of these devs lacks the experience and knowledge of the global market and that brings them to seek western collaborators. Others are disillusioned by the local industries and its work culture and are drawn by the "foreign" industry which they think are different from the homogenous local industry. As you've mentioned, they don't realize that the charm of their creation is in their unique ideas that stems from their prior isolation and that what globalization brings instead is a streamlined, uniform approach to design that ironically waters down the so-called diversity of cultures. The Japanese game industry have seen a slight resurgence in recent years as you've mentioned and I do hope they would grow to become as dominant as they once were. It's frankly frustrating to see Japanese related stuff being made by western developers to receive acclaim when the Japanese themselves turn a blind eye to it.

This recent interview with the creator of the Katamari series might be relevant.


I usually try not to ride the cynicism train that you all are on so hard, but I do have trouble imagining what the Game of Thrones guy is going to bring to this game other than name recognition from its hordes of fans. All of Froms recent games have been fantastic at taking an established mythology and aesthetic and putting their own unique spin on it, and while I haven't seen Game of Thrones, it looks to me like very generic medieval fantasy. The trailer had some cool stuff in it though, I liked the hammering dude with his body cracking apart.
I remember saying similar things about anime when people were celebrating Space Dandy being aired on US TV the before it aired in Japan, and to an extent simulcasts in general. That sort of thing represents a possibility for anime to make considerations towards appeasing an international market rather than a Japanese one, but it's that same niche appeal that made people like me like it in the first place.
Do you just take joy in trying to ruin things icicle?!
Don't answer that…


I was being sarcastic. We're on the same page.

>The Japanese game industry have seen a slight resurgence in recent years as you've mentioned

Yes and they even made a documentary on the lost decade of videogame development and how the japanese industry saved itself by going back to its roots.

>It's frankly frustrating to see Japanese related stuff being made by western developers to receive acclaim when the Japanese themselves turn a blind eye to it.

Can you give me some examples of this?


That's another western attack vector aimed at subverting the doujin subculture so the western indie circlejerk can feed on its corpse.

I honestly hope it's just a one-off thing and that this and kojima are the exceptions, but I look at that flea market Tolkien, "ring" in the game's title and I can't help but look back west and see this as nothing but another pivot to establish the guy as the future lore master at the helm of amazon's take on the lord of the rings.


Ghost of Tsushima I think was the most recently hyped, there are probably more but they are not as big a project. Do you have a link to the documentary? I don't really know much about bitsummit, could you elaborate more on your point?


Bitsummit'e entire operation is directed at "raising awareness" to western indie gaming. They're funded by western companies first and japanese companies (a distant) second. I remember looking into it when it started and as soon as I saw valve as a main sponsor I could smell the long con a mile away.

It seems like you can't see information on the previous events so I won't delve deeper there, but check out what they've got going this year. Most speakers are westerners and their keynotes are all the kind of blogposting that has plagued GDC over the years. Creators of games who would be put to shame by a comiket kusoge made by a college freshman are presented as great authorities and the games awarded are mostly the same kind of arthouse bullshit that has sterilized the independent game making environment in the west. Mind you, there's a couple alright games here and there but they, like the token japanese speakers, are only there as stepping stones to make the award-winning games look as good or better in what I can only believe to be a second coming of the indie awards scams happening in the west. Awards are structured in such a way that the japanese get their own category so there's a spot open for westerners to win the grand prize. People with no taste who spent their whole career making faux retro teaching art. Force-feeding the american retro canon.

Change the language to japanese. Not once do you see the word doujin, but indie is plastered everywhere. Even when ZUN of all people went there as a speaker, he was presented as a japanese "indie" creator. Meanwhile, take a look at comiket game trailers by year since bitsummit came around and you'll notice a trend of adding those laurel graphics to indicate indie awards. Obviously those almost never make it past "you were here" consolation awards and you can take an educated guess why.



File: go watch anime.png (718.87 KB, 903x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Those are certainly a lot of claims for so little evidence.


I always find it odd how people advocates indie as something groundbreaking and new that stands against the large publishers when the Japanese doujin scene have been around for ages. I don't know why they are trying to classify the two as separate but this extends beyond gaming and even in the film and music industry there are instances where indie and independent are now categorized as different entities.


Aww that's very sweet
See it's not just me that thought she was cute!


Western indie games have been around for just as long too. They've just gotten more popular in the past fifteen years or so with both the growth in popularity of video games in general and disillusionment with corporate productions. I wouldn't call doujin soft the same thing since the culture and relationship to the commercial market is different but it's becoming more like western indie games in recent years with more emphasis on digital distribution and awareness of foreign audiences and corporate interests.

As for music and movies though in the last several decades "indie" has referred more to certain streams within "alternative" genres, many of which are already commercially successful, rather than to their actual independence from major corporate labels or studios. Independent music and film has also existed since the beginning and still does whether or not it conforms to genre expectations.


File: 1546110380145[1].png (3.05 MB, 1920x1090) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Reminds me of Okami and Muramasa.


I dunno is anyone else here is as in love with the games as I am, but the new Animal Crossing looks awesome, I cannot wait!


Ah but we didn't see any Isabelle which is worrying, but I would be surprised not to see her again


Oh cool this game is still alive?


It's slated for a winter release, hopefully it will.


File: Sakuna.png (1.59 MB, 1360x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The gameplay looks interesting, it's literally a rice farming sim with side-scrolling action. Amazed to learn that Edelweiss is a two person project and the whole game is mostly made by only the two of them. Looks like they put a lot of effort into it, I hope it does well.


Goddamn I'm excited for the new Nintendo stuff in the next few years. My Switch purchase was not in vain.


like what


Banjo-Kazooie in Smash is pretty damn cool, the new Animal Crossing looks great, BotW 2 will be great since I loved BotW, Panzer Dragoon (HOLY FUCK) and Sword and Shield looks like it will be fun enough, though I'll probably pick that one up used.


Revamp which I think isn't being developed anymore and the 8mod.


File: __miriam_bloodstained_ritu….png (2.02 MB, 900x1238) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've been playing Bloodstained which is pretty much the spiritual successor to Symphony of the Night. I didn't expect much from it and it didn't gave me much of a first impression but it is decent as far as the gameplay goes despite having problems here and there. It's pretty much SotN though I find the characters less interesting. Also, I know it's probably been mentioned many times before but having not played a metroidvania game in a long time, I can't help see how similar it is in essence to the souls series. I suppose the souls series is how Castlevania should have been like in 3D. On an unrelated note, I wish there were more games with darker themes like the souls series and the earlier MegaTen/Persona series.


Seems like Elden Ring will be an open world with horse-riding/combat elements. The good thing is apparently the guy they are collaborating with aren't directly involved with the story and the character will still be self-created with no set identity. Instead, he will be responsible for the lore and mythologies of the game which I'm frankly not enthusiastic about, from what little we know of, it doesn't seem too different from his other work or even LoTR and the setting looks like a reskinned norse mythology. The premise where you are supposed to travel to various kingdoms and kill the leaders isn't very interesting or original either.


Isn't that just god of war with dark souls gameplay?


Beat bloodstained, solid 20 hour game.


That's fast, did you beat the kunekune?


I didn't know what this was until I googled it… I guess I missed out.


File: Kunekune_Pig_at_Hamilton_Z….jpg (4.78 MB, 3319x2154) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Pigs are the best livestock animal and a top 5 animal overall


What are the other 4 animals?


are you a rancher and what makes a best and top livestock animal


>the character will still be self-created with no set identity.
I'm glad for this, hopefully this game brings back some of the RPG elements
>The premise where you are supposed to travel to various kingdoms and kill the leaders isn't very interesting or original either.
It's not and while I did love the aesthetic on show in the trailer the lore is the thing I'm least interested in for this game. I'm still hoping for Sekiro DLC actually. Also worth nothing that while that is a pretty tame premise, Dark Souls 2 DLC did exactly that and those were the best parts of those games. I think it works fine as an excuse for the trademark epic boss fights.


If dogs are not on your list I will be very sad
I'm going to guess maybe like cows, horses, dogs, and cats? In terms of usefulness to people those are what I think of. Maybe chickens too.


>file deleted
wait what


thread got moved and lost all the files from when it was on /z/


File: polka and gretto and beat ….jpg (124.8 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

While slogging through some backlog, I finished Eternal Sonata recently. Really gorgeous art and music all around, though some of the cutscenes were a little rough/odd around the edges due to the character models not always looking the best. The story and the battle system were really great, and since I missed some stuff, I think I'll have to get back to this one after I finish up replaying Rorona and/or trying out Totori, maybe Meruru. If you can pick it up for cheap, it's really fun.


Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 has been fully translated if it is of interest to anyone.


But this is /z/.


File: 5d15f039e9bad[1].jpg (133.49 KB, 630x390) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

So the other Bokujou Monogatari title Marvelous have been working on has been revealed to be a remake of Friends of Mineral Town. I've been yearning for a title closer to Back to Nature and Magical Melody so this is a welcome but personally I would have preferred a new entry. At a glimpse everything looks similar except for character arts which I haven't warmed up to, I'm hoping they will expand upon the gameplay elements instead of keeping everything the same.


The librarian was best girl but I'm not gonna sink any more of my life into yet another Harvest Moon. That shit's worse than crack.


File: altenna.png (554.02 KB, 550x1349) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

holy shit, they're finally done with this, we no longer have to play the terrible incomplete patch, thank you anon

I disagree, Elie was clearly superior

I may put more time in the near future into AP or the one I have for the 3DS but I've had more than enough fun with Mineral Town, too. A new entry would've been cool but the fact that FoMT is still getting love after all these years is nice to see


They have yet to reveal the other characters but I can't say I liked the new designs. I think series will continue to endure, it's just about the only game in the genre, the only other game I could think of that is similar would probably be Animal Crossing. The popularity of Stardew Valley also serves to motivate Marvelous who has also been doing well to emerge as one of the survivors of the swathe of mergers and bankruptcy of other Japanese devs.


I always struggled to choose between librarian and nurse. Can't remember why I chose librarian on my first playthrough, maybe the doctor just intimidated me.
>it's just about the only game in the genre
Well if the farming simulation individually is the part you like there are plenty of options, but yeah, the whole HM package is pretty unique.


File: raven_rf3.jpg (136.91 KB, 640x453) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>maybe the doctor just intimidated me
When that first rival event happened, I didn't understand what was going on, but I do remember then reading up on how that mechanic worked and being worried that Elli and the doctor would get married if I didn't hurry up

Other simulation-type games really are few and far between (especially from Japanese devs), the only ones I can think of off the top of my head are Tomodachi Life, Rune Factory (wasn't there also some futuristic-based Harvest Moon game to complement this?), Animal Crossing, and yeah, Harvest Moon.

I'm really out of the loop on this one too but didn't Marvelous and another company (Exceed I think?) have issues over licensing Harvest Moon and they split it into Story of Seasons (from Exceed) and Harvest Moon proper (from Marvelous)? Does SoS even count as its own rival to HM or am I wrong on everything here


File: Hatsune-Miku-Project-DIVA-….jpg (181.58 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Has anyone else been playing rhythm games lately? I've gotten into a bit of a rivalry with one of my friends on who can perfect their favorite songs first on F 2nd. So far I've gotten Miracle Paint and Clover Club both perfected on Easy, Normal, and Hard, but I can't even pass them on Extreme yet.


The licensing issue was between Marvelous and Natsume who was their original publisher outside of Japan. Natsume holds the rights for the Harvest Moon title and have been hiring western devs to produce new titles, SoS is the true "Harvest Moon" by Marvelous proper. Xseed is a subsidiary of Marvelous and is currently in charge of publishing their games outside of Japan. The futuristic HM you spoke of was Innocent Life and yeah, those are pretty much the only ones I know of as well. I think it was a good idea to create a separate title like Rune Factory to implement new gameplay systems and to keep Story of Seasons "vanilla" but I've heard people constantly complaining about how the series are pretty much just rehashes while unfairly comparing it to Stardew Valley. Personally I don't see the appeal of the latter.


I play mobage like SIF and Starlight Stage


Just Osu!, as ever. I tried getting into Sound Voltex again but it's just too hard without the arcade controller I feel. If any Samanons want to play multiplayer Osu sometime I'd love to do so.


I've never played Osu, what's multiplayer Osu like


I only play bandori


It's just simultaneous play with scorekeeping, and people can switch off on song selection and chat and stuff. I used to play it with a certain other website's /a/ board and had fun with it.


maimai is a ton of fun but the closest arcade with it is a 2 hour drive. I play mostly taiko at home but I'm going to get the new project diva when it comes out.


File: 85bb5b7cabfae426bf50f29b2f….jpg (819.5 KB, 1000x1023) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Dang, I was about to post about how I'm still sore after six years about Neverland shutting down and there never being another Rune Factory for 3DS but I looked it up and apparently there's a Rune Factory 5 in the works. I never really planned to buy a switch but RF4 was one of the big reasons I got a 3DS and now I'm kind of tempted.


File: usagi.jpg (123.98 KB, 960x544) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Not recently but I've played a good bit of them. Future Tone was the last Miku game I bought and I bought the JP ver on release day. Its still the hardest one to play thanks to the arcade controls…

Pic related is from Miracle Girls Festival, a vita rhythm game I always recommend to people who like rhythm games. Its made by the same devs of PDF and it features girls from various anime. Its really nice, biggest flaw being there isn't enough songs. If Sega committed to DLC it would be fantastic but apparently there was trouble with licensing certain songs so its lifespan was cut short.


File: Capture_2.PNG (5.63 KB, 306x46) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Anyone else play some violated heroine
I never got around to trying it
Damn it's good


A long time ago, yes.


The mindbreak bad ends are so great
Goblin's wife is ridiculously hot


I don't remember much, it's been years ago. I do remember it having a ridiculous amount of content for an eroge that is constantly being updated.


I remember playing this ages ago as well. Serena was the first loli I fapped to.


So it seems that the character designer is still the same as the original and it's speculated that the dramatic changes might reflect a change in personality/character. Although it's mentioned that the game will be different, the screenshots so far seems to show it being very similar to the original. I hope they would add in more characters and expand the core gameplay such as allowing the purchase of new lands as Magical Melody did whilst reducing unnecessary elements like the exotic animals.


File: wtf.png (98.97 KB, 644x968) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's still so glitchy…


File: karen4_thumb.png (117.35 KB, 254x328) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've gotta say, while I did like Karen's original design, I like the updated one more. Heck, I think Rick's new design looks pretty nice as well.

I hope the game mechanics are user friendly too, but you never really know. That 3DS one that lets you manipulate the terrain of your landscape sounds like a cool idea on paper until you actually try to change it to suit your needs, costing weeks and weeks of precious time to be WASTED when you could just be growing flowers for the cute baker (?) girl


File: emily_tlv.jpg (40.91 KB, 440x280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

right right right, the 3DS game here >>22883 is The Lost Valley, and the baker girl is Emily, and she is CUTE


I can understand that, technically the newer designs are better and more serious whereas the older ones are more mellow which in my opinion fits the cozy theme of the series better.

Never played that one, seems like an interesting gameplay idea albeit a time waster as you've mentioned.


Anyone here play FFXIV? If so, what world do you play on? Anyone want to get a Sama Company together?


People were talking about playing it before as a samacompany
I'm not sure how many people here still play it though. I played on and off on…Balmung, maybe, but I haven't been on in over a year since I'm not sure what to do in an MMO. I've always been a solo sort of player and used guild chat mostly to shitpost, but since MMOs are focusing on raids more and more and more I've been slowly dropping out of them as I grow up.

If there's other people who play I might start the account back up if I can find it, I guess. Square Enix' login system is a fucking crime against humanity.


MMORPGs are so dumb
it's like a second job you pay to work at


that's why I like f2p p2w mmos
it feels exactly like real life


I just bought it because it was on sale. I'll play once I get better.


Someone please play XIV with me I need friends ;_;


I want to but I can barely afford food ;_;
Buy me a sub and I'll play with you ;_;


I would but MMOs are bad for my health


I can't afford that sorry I have like $60 left at the end of the month and I use $20 of that towards my sub ;_;


It's a hard life, being an MMO player.




Sorry, I have no money.




File: __cao_cao_shin_sangoku_mus….jpg (90.73 KB, 500x625) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

IX and XI are one of the better entries in the series so I'm hoping Koei could make a comeback with this after their recent disappointing releases.

On another note this caught my attention, I don't play MMOs and Bandai Namco has no intent to release in the west just yet but I thought some of you might be interested.


ugh fine I'll get a job and play with you…
Holy shit you can make like 20+ bucks an hour literally just clicking things online


Hey just because I spend all day browsing the internet doesn't mean my job's not important. Sometimes somebody forgets their email password or jams the printer.


It feels like tech support is sufficiently mindless that you could easily get a job doing it while playing video games or watching anime. It's not as if they'll ask any real questions of import.


Proper helpdesk tech support with like basic bitch certs is pretty much just being a call center slave. What you want is to be the IT guy for an office full of braindead boomers.


>Proper helpdesk tech support with like basic bitch certs is pretty much just being a call center slave

This, I fucking hate my helpdesk job so goddamn much
How is it possible for people to be this fucking stupid


File: 086dcef9d0afb3a5d4d81bf3b2….jpg (173.55 KB, 1019x1065) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You talking about the people who call you
Or yourself for getting a helpdesk job


It pays 17/hr in my flyover state so its not bad on that regard
Just the fact that everyone I deal with is a drooling retard


The actual job is pretty cool. It's just the customers that aren't. Real IT isn't really that much better honestly unless it's at an IT company but there are other issues with that.


I know there's a couple people here who like 4x strategy games and I recently got Dominions 5 and have been trying to learn it. It's really daunting since I've never played this kind of game before but I am having fun with it. If anyone else has it and wants to play or explain what the heck I'm supposed to do in this game that'd be a fun time.


This isn't Japanese and Dominions is sort of its own thing, honestly, but there's a few things it shares with other 4x games
Firstly, like every other strategy game, economy and technology trump all, so make sure to create extra mages and set them to research and to conquer new territory as quickly as possible. Your god and your starting commander and army should easily suffice for your immediate surroundings at the very least.
Secondly, don't underestimate the importance of scouting for magic sites. Yes, it slows you down by a turn, but no, it's not something you want to delay for too long. Magic sites can give you anything from extra money and material (remember, economy) to extra gems (again, economy).
Thirdly, mages can make or break armies, but at the same time they're not the end all be all. You can only set a few orders for your army, so make use of those few starting orders.
Fourth, magic gear is helpful for 'thug' commanders and gods, i.e. extremely powerful combatants. They're less useful for mages, at least at the beginning.
Lastly, there are a few factions which don't play in a normal way. Middle Age Ermor, Middle Age Atlantis, and Late Age Scheleria are examples. Don't play those - they're weird and obey none of the normal rules.


Sorry I'm still playing SMAC.


File: VA-11 Hall A_2019-08-09_12….png (52.02 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Was this game Japanese? I'm enjoying it so far at any rate. Dialogue is actually very well written, funnily enough.


It's Venezuelan.


>Was this game Japanese?
no its made by venezuelans

and yeah, it's good! it's a very enjoyable VN. i got a neutral end or something my first time playing it and I haven't bothered actually playing it again yet but I enjoyed what I played
It looks notihng like what a PC-95 game would have looked like but it still has a really nice aesthetic to it


It's western, but it's a great game. All the characters are really great. Especially Dorothy.


It's an OELVN by some South Americans, Venezuelans iirc.


Oh, but since it has a Japanese translation too it might be fun to read it like that if it's well-done. I like doing that sometimes with western games.


File: VA-11 Hall A_2019-08-09_13….png (42.77 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That's interesting. The game starts up and asks if I wanted it in Japanese, English, or S. Chinese so I assumed it was either a Chinese game or a Japanese game with exceptional English.
I really like the dialogue, christ.


FFXIV is currently having a free login campaign so if anyone has free time to play with the anonymous who was playing now is a good time. I'll be away from any real PC capable of running it, unfortunately, but I plan on buying a sub sometime during September once things settle down a little so look forward to that FFXIV anon.


I would but I have like 2GiB left total out of my ~20 TiB of hard drives because I've been downloading too much anime and porn and viruses


I'd check this out but my computer is dead and I'm still waiting to hear back about the RMA I sent the company…


Damn you two are joykillers
Just buy another hdd or delete some old ass porn you never watch anymore


I'm unemployed.


I'm also unemployed.


I've never been employed.


I'm employed but I'm too poor to just buy a new computer that can play a game like that!


File: Capture.PNG (1 MB, 799x590) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This is how I imagine you look like.


me in the middle


Me on the right


File: 082e86393b4baef14b83bcac7c….jpg (354.14 KB, 850x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Anyway FFXIV anon, what world are you on?
I'm making an attempt to download the game on my ultrabook. It's taking ages (30+ hours) but I should be able to get in. Lemme know so I can go and move over to that one once it finishes.

Picture unrelated but a post with a picture catches the eye more quickly.


File: MPV-[HorribleSubs] Dumbbel….jpg (102.77 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

H-hello? FFXIV anon? It's mostly done downloading, a-are you still around?


Oh, sorry, I saw this earlier and forgot to respond because I was eating dinner

I play on Ultros


I'll get on sometime tomorrow after it finishes, I got a bunch of stuff to do today but yep
Will probably get a sub in september if things calm down


File: Crying 4.gif (1.74 MB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>Sorry, your computer does not meet the minimum specifications required to run this product. Please review the details below for more information.
I didn't even have a chance


Get a better computer then…


>Ultros is not accepting new players
Rest in Peace me


Well I made a character on Behemoth
I'm not sure how you friend someone in FFXIV, do I give you my ID or do I give you my character name?


Are you F2P or subbed?


Oh, is it that F2P are restricted on the worlds they get to use? Damn. I was thinking of subbing sometime next month since I won't have time to play too much this month. Guess there's no point to playing this character too far then.


Nah, Ultros is just full, paying wont change that.


Don't most MMOs have a mechanism for transferring to a different server?


No if you're F2P you cant add people so I was just seeing if you needed to post your name or I needed to post mine


Aw shit
What do I post, my character name? I'm just using the free login period right now.


File: ffxiv_dx11_2019-08-14_06-4….png (391.2 KB, 619x399) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well it's Vianne Larsonient on Behemoth if that's what you need
Also my pig looks so fucking dumb look at it


File: Urusei Yatsura - Lum no We….png (81.23 KB, 878x672) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Been playing a lot of Famicom lately. Played Punch-Out! On a lark after a family member mentioned having nostalgia for the game, but I'm getting more into the Japanese library of the console (specifically with licensed games). I've been trying to play the UY game which is fine but has a weirdly frustrating design oversight about having Lum have to go up escalators to progress despite the fact that she can fly usually. I hope the fanservice makes up for it as I keep playing.
Also, the extra hit power up gives her a uniform to wear, and even though she looks like a loli as a sprite she's fucking cute.


Are there like cute stills you get? Post some of it.


Well I forgot how much fun I had with FFXIV before. I think I dropped it during university at some point, I forget. It's a cool game, I really like the fact that you can multiclass. If only the graphics were more up to date it'd be perfect.

Anyway I've been playing it for upwards of eight hours and I need to do things besides gaming now. Anon, please add me before my login expires so I can get with you once I resub.


File: ffxiv_07242019_223019_733.png (1.58 MB, 1600x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yeah it's a real fun game. I'd love to make a free company with Samachan. Here's my character, ain't she a cutiepie?
I'm not sure if I can add people from cross servers. What I'm waiting for is them to give to NA what they gave to Japan, which is
- Opening new servers and giving free transfers and mounts to those who move off congested servers to the new uncongested ones
because as it stands I would have to pay to transfer off of Ultros, but that doesn't make much sense to do if they're advertising that there will be a free transfer soon. It's frustrating though because on the Primal server only two worlds are still allowing character creation. I think they need to fix this relatively soon or else nobody is going to be able to make characters on Primal.
Once they allow the free character transfers, I think I'll make a post saying "Hey if you want to play with Samachan, please join this server!" so hopefully none of us have to pay to transfer if we have characters and those interested can get in before it gets congested.


Wasn't there a world visit system or something? I think I saw it during a loading screen
Also, are they actually advertising free transfers soon? What the heck is with the bunny girl race lol


There is I believe, but you have to be online at the same time as me so we could add each other I think. I tried adding you but you didn't come up, so the friend system is per world.


That is really fucking obnoxious. Well I'm online now and will be for hours yet so if you see this go and request it.


Alright, I'm going to try and find out how to visit your world. Give me a few minutes.


File: ffxiv_dx11_2019-08-15_10-5….jpg (936.17 KB, 2560x1440) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Man check out this leg gear I got from babby's first raid


File: ffxiv_dx11_2019-08-15_10-5….jpg (369.4 KB, 2560x1440) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It looks great doesn't it


didn't you guys try to get together to play maple story or something once
what happened to that
does that game just suck or what


We played together for like 2-3 months but it was Maple Story 2 and we all lost interest


File: MapleStory2_2018-10-28_12-….jpg (554.96 KB, 2560x1440) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Cute but a bit dry
The minigames are more fun than the actual game and I, at least, was constantly dropping so I couldn't get into it.
Also, your PCs are massively hyper ubercute. I'd be willing to get back into it I guess.




Ah the login period expired


No! ;_;
I won't have my computer for another couple weeks or so but I was gonna give it a shot. Oh well, I may still.


>Users who have previously purchased and registered FINAL FANTASY XIV.

It was free sub time, not a free trial.
The base game is free up until level 25 anyways, so you can try it out without buying a sub.


File: vivaldi_2019-08-16_12-04-5….png (19.31 KB, 788x265) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Holy shit Square Enix doesn't want to take my money at all jesus fucking christ
Why are you being such a prick you dumb japs


He still has to buy the game to be fair
Although I don't think the expansions really offer much if you're not high level anyway, besides being able to play as cute dragon girls and bunny girls.


He doesn't have to buy the game? What are you talking about? The base game is free up until level 25.


Oh, disregard this - >>23758
I see what you mean.
He wouldn't make it to any of the expansions anyways so it doesn't matter too much. The trial wouldn't have helped with that anyways, since it's only for people who used to play.


Oh, never mind then, I'm dumb


FFXIV nerds can you play mahjong without buying a subscription?


I leveled 2 characters to max level and then got bored.


What do you mean 'play mahjong' without a sub? Just go to like, tenhou.net or something.


File: friday night.gif (902.03 KB, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I recently bought Yakuza 0. It's very fun so far and surprises me that a game like this managed to evade my attention for this long.


File: Splatoon 96.png (265.18 KB, 585x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've been playing Splatoon 1 again and it's so much fun. Also it was a great way to make Japanese acquaintances back when Miiverse was still online, given it allowed you to chat with them as long as you knew how to handwrite.
Wondering if the same is still possible in the second game.


File: festival.png (358.14 KB, 489x497) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Come join us at the Moonfire Faire before it's over, Samachan!


They're literally refusing to take my money and I'm seriously frustrated because the trial period fired up my itch again
Why the fuck does Square Enix try to hard to not let me pay for their fucking game


sqwenix hates everyone including themselves but especially their fans


Google says it's because my current IP doesn't match the IP I bought the game from
I mean no fucking shit it doesn't match, do they expect people to never move or anything
How the hell do I know what proxy I was using when I first bought the game jesus fuck


Just buy it as a guest


File: haha what the fuck i bough….PNG (79.59 KB, 237x502) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

haha what the fuck i bought this game 20 years ago


>329 dollars
What the shit

I have the game already, I need to resub and you can't sub as a guest.


Contact Square's support I guess or make a new account
FFXIV is a lot of fun but they make it such a pain in the dick to give them money. Thanks Japanese people for hating money!


inflation's a bitch


File: FREE_ITEM114.jpg (29.39 KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's so expensive because it comes with this figure. Game alone is 60 dollars.


File: 1454736241700.jpg (69.31 KB, 545x369) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



File: ffxiv_dx11_2019-08-14_06-4….png (154.74 KB, 289x303) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The sword will never not look stupid but at least I guess

I have, they haven't gotten back to me yet.
I'll send another ticket if they don't respond by tomorrow, it'll have been a week by then.
>make a new account
Remember the fat fuck piggie I had? That was an old loyalty reward from like 4 years ago
I don't think you get those as loyalty rewards anymore, you have to buy them for some special in-game currency now


Man, that sucks, but also explains why I haven't seen you online recently. Hopefully they're able to get back with you. This game somehow succeeds in spite of Square Enix. The payment methods are so mindbogglingly stupid it's amazing this game is as popular as it is.


It really does suck
I even missed my last day of the trial period and then they won't take my freaking money
I've honestly never seen a system for taking your money this fucking convoluted since the mid 2000s, it's fucking embarassing


Had a dream that I found a way to pirate an MMO yesterday lol
This is dumb




They still won't take my money
I might have to go through an intermediary but I don't have a burger bank account anymore so I'd have to go over and set one up and everything aaaa
Where the hell are all the other samalosers, play FFXIV with this guy, it's a good fucking game


File: ffxiv_08262019_212801_665.png (1.4 MB, 1600x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

y-you too


Is that a watermark? Do all screenshots just come with a watermark, what the heck?


File: __au_ra_final_fantasy_xiv_….png (794.35 KB, 640x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Imagine playing as a human lol


I'm a human in real life, why wouldn't I play as one in a game? My character is a reflection of me.


File: __au_ra_and_scholar_final_….png (501.91 KB, 720x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Are you a cute girl in real life too


I guess?


File: 07 - Seraphic Chicken.mp3 (11.9 MB)

the new touhou is very very fun
I'm not even a fan of the games and I suck at them but I just had lots of fun beating it
too bad the characters/music suck
(beside the cheeky chicken)


File: __niwatari_kutaka_touhou_d….jpg (190.61 KB, 1200x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

chicken girls are surprisingly lewd


>too bad the characters/music suck
except the 5th boss theme
and maybe the stage 6 theme that one was kinda cool


the more I listen to this the more it sounds like koishi's theme and undertale had a baby song together and that baby song grew up in a DDC-themed daycare

if that makes sense


>I'm not even a fan of the games
Wait what the heck? icicle doesn't like 2hu?


They're honestly not that good.


I'm in it purely for the music


Haven't you read all the doujins about the egg-laying birdhus? Birds are incredibly lewd.

So was ZUN in the very beginning.


File: __niwatari_kutaka_touhou_d….jpg (263.12 KB, 1600x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I never said I thought they were but icicle seems like a pretty big 2hufag


I made a new guild in XIV

Please come play…


It's literally not taking my money and Squeenix is all 'hurr durr you should go through your bills and contact your bank'
I'll need at least until later in September when I go abroad and then I can try to set up a foreign bank account. I don't have one in the US at the moment. I feel really bad because we played together and it was fun but now I can't fucking get in.


File: ffxiv_08312019_230551_940.png (1.12 MB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've been playing XIV a ton, its fun.


You can't just purchase a game time card?


Then guild with this poor anon.

I've legitimately never seen a game time card in my life.


File: ffxiv_08242019_211012_910.png (1.25 MB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You need at least 4 members (3 plus the founder) to guild…


Then at least friend and play with him
Once I get the fucking bank through we'll only need one more


File: ffxiv_09012019_193408_284.png (933.69 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ahhhh the wind up Nanamo is too cute! She'll climb up onto your characters shoulders and sit on them while you walk or talk to people. Sometimes she runs behind you though.


Did any samanons get Astral Chain? How is it?


Never even heard of it. What is it?


Switch exclusive from the people who made Bayonetta and Nier:Automata. It's about sci-fi cops with mech summons or something.


I don't have a switch and I never heard of that game but I liked Infinite Space which is the only Platinum Games game I've played so I'm sure it's good.


File: ffxiv_09022019_103829_799.png (2.22 MB, 1600x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



On one hand nice chainmail
On the other hand, are those horns clipping out of it?


File: ffxiv_09022019_141817_210.png (2.06 MB, 1600x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's a crown because she's a queen.


I meant the giant guard though


Oh, no, those are their ears


File: ffxiv_09022019_220421_357.png (954.31 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Those are his elf ear pockets


Should I just make an XIV thread? This one isn't bumping anymore and I don't want to fill the next one with just XIV posts.


Go for it I suppose, there's only three of us playing it though right? or well, two and an anonymous who cant renew his sub…


Eh I think just make another videogames thread
There's not enough people playing FFXIV to make it necessary, if it gets out of hand you can always make a new one then.


File: Brigandine-Lunasia-Senki_0….jpg (520.96 KB, 1200x630) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

HOLY FUCK after 20 years they are finally bringing this game back to life. This is one of my favorite games ever and one of the best TRPGs I've ever played. I've played the original game countless of times and there have been no other games that comes close to this barring Dragon Force. I'm so excited, I hope this will be good and I hope it will do well and come to PC. This is also the game that sparked my interest in the Matter of Britain. The design itself looks a lot more fantasy and extravagant than the original Brigandine but I'm still happy nonetheless, couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw this on the nintendo channel.



File: d6c8c160e3f54242258e2cf4bf….jpg (562.07 KB, 968x1423) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I just booted up Shadow of the Colossus the other day and I have to say, I missed this game a bit. Probably going to try playing ICO again too after I can finally claw my way up to the secret garden on top of the shrine.


SotC blew my mind when I first chanced upon it, never completed it and it's notoriously demanding for emulators.


File: SiNiSistar_2019-09-06_21-1….png (212.27 KB, 1064x552) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What am I missing here? How do I continue?


What do you mean? Just go to the stage selection.


File: BLACK_qvga.bmp (3.52 MB, 1280x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Tsukihime. All in all, I love how Nasu actually developed on the themes in this rather than just going for some shitty action based story. Most of the routes have at best two short scenes where Shiki even fights for a little bit another character. The main meat of this is the exploration of Shikis personality disorder and the mental issues of his acquaintances. Nasu of course still has almost surreal types of characters in this which often fail to line up with reality, but it's very well executed to the point where it's a legitimately interesting exploration of an unusual and unrealistic characters and what makes them tick, what causes them to do what they do. Actually the route endings mostly kind of suck because it feels almost like a cookie cutter afterthough in order to show the reader that everything ended up "okay" in the end or something. Not all of them of course but some are just stupid and feel tacked on to the end of an actually good ending, to satisfy feelgoodfags I guess? It's not a huge issue though and the most interesting character is Shiki himself. Kohakus route had a pretty good climax for his personality struggle where he reverts to his original, unedited personality and depending on the final choice you make, brings an end to the Tohno family.


File: SiNiSistar_2019-09-06_22-5….png (69.46 KB, 1064x552) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

So like is this game over or how do I get out
Because I've gotten out three times and each time both sides are blocked by people casting red lances
This game is weirdly hard for a porn game though


Sorry I haven't reached that far yet, I've been feeling sick and have yet to continue playing much. Yeah, I thought it could do well as a non-ero game.


File: SiNiSistar_2019-09-06_23-3….png (88.8 KB, 1064x552) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ah well
I finished it
Was pretty fun and actually really goddamned creepy


File: 1443514027194.jpg (14.71 KB, 234x204) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>This game is weirdly hard for a porn game though
you have no idea dude haha


Are you having flashbacks of some other hard porn games
I remember MGQ's Black Alice fight was basically 100% RNG, and highly unfavorable RNG at that



Are there jump scares?


sometimes I wish reading wasn't boring so I could enjoy VNs like other people apparently do


reading isnt boring you just have no attention span after having your brain fried from instant gratification daily for a decade on the internet


File: kirby.webm (1.9 MB, 880x670) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This game is so cute.


File: tobihime_2019-09-07_08-00-….jpg (483.04 KB, 1600x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's just Angry Birds but better and also with sex and monster girls

Not really? Depends on what you count as a jumpscare, but none that I'd say struck me as intentional.


File: screenshot.jpg (190.71 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm playing Phantasy Star Online 2 but since it's coming to the west I don't know if I should keep playing it (my character is only Lv40). I'm considering to wait for the english release to recreate a new character.




Why? I'm not used to MMO.


It's better than PSO2 and UNLIKE PSO2 we still play XIV


I had wanted a new WotS entry for a long time but this spin-off is a little too different.


Moon will finally get a western release on the Switch, I hope the PSX translation that has been in the works for a while now would still be completed though.


Our server in XIV, Ultros, is now allowing the creation of new characters again/transfer to the realm. If you wanted to play XIV with us, please come over now before it fills back up!



Hope it'll be open on the 25th or so


Hopefully, because we need members for our guild
Nobody wants to join us q_q


'Cause samachan is full of cowards


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Meerkat has a cute voice.


I got into the Touhou games again, been playing Imperishable Night
I can't get past Marisa on normal without continuing, I really suck!


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File: ffxiv_10032019_222925_741.png (1.81 MB, 1600x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm a sentai hero now.


this post inspired me to actually try reading Tsukihime after it sat on my HDD for like 5 years
Wish me luck. I hope I'll manage to play through at least one route before getting bored.

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