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Sama's opinion on Mahjong?


All the different hands and variations on points are ridiculous so I'm grateful that we have computers to do it for us. While I know the rules, the highest level strategy I know is "Discard what your opponents have already discarded when you want to play it safe".


I can't remember all the >>22611 to be able to play it properly.


If you keep a reference sheet on hand while you play and use it as needed you should be able to learn fairly quickly.


I prefer blackjack


I've played it a couple of times against the computer. Got really happy when I got my first yakuman.

Hiroe Atago is the kind of girl I'd like to marry.


I've played on tenhou a bit, though I haven't touched it in ages. Still remember all my yaku and how to play, though.

Retard Master is great. Fuck Ritz for making Teru just literally fucking autistic.


Got into Mahjong Soul recently, I avoid gachas like the aids they are but having online riichi quickplay with other people in full english is too good to pass up.

learning suji tiles can help you stay defensive without giving up your hand entirely to discard safe.

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