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I'm not particularly fond of these kind of groups, but I gotta admit some of their members have a very nice leg game going on for them.


I hate koreans so damn much.


Skirts shouldn't be so short


Whats your issue with sexy women Anonymous


Everything koreans do is completely surface level. They train women from childhood and fill them with silicone just to trade softcore porn for song sales. All their comics will have a semi well rendered title page of some woman with cleavage, then the comic is a vertical panel stack of half empty space and half absolute dog shit art and writing.
Of course many places do things like this but Koreans do it on a total war scale. These are norms rather than undesirable anomalies.
I can't think of a single redeeming quality other than they sometimes shoot rioters from roofs.


Their food is good and they are good at tekken.


>their food is good


it's just another shitty non-japan country
good barbecue though

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