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File: 1465570824169.png (281.98 KB, 400x550) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


samachan redesign?


File: 220c8cfcbeb9363c7cc838e816….png (820.65 KB, 1594x1700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

redesign plan?


What about it are you gonna change? I like the color scheme for what it's worth


Why wouldn't she just wear a wig and contacts.
Does she just want to be sweaty?


For what purpose
Not totally against it but what do you want to change


i kinda want to make the boards and front page look different
i'm not really sure HOW to do it yet but I want to if that makes sense


maybe i'll force frames too i dunno


Being sweaty and uncomfortable is part of the Kagamin experience.


File: Atelier A..png (76.27 KB, 1263x904) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Wouldn't mind and as yuyu I like the color scheme too but maybe you have in mind some kind of exotic combination that makes one think "ah, I'm in sama and sama only"?
Are you planning some minor changes like making the recent posts section bigger or making the available boards more obvious? Or a completely different front page like pic related


the color scheme will PROBABLY stay because it's samachan's colors but yeah I'd like to distinguish us more from other imageboards more. i'm tired of the site looking like a low tier 4chan knock off
not that it'd really help much since the userbase is stagnant but its worth a shot, i just really have no clue how to improve on the "imageboard format" when i'm perfectly fine with it being stuck in 2006


File: 06d0cc5b5244090de2b212af4e….png (259.17 KB, 3912x2762) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I mean as long as the actual way the boards work stay the same I don't mind too much, a fancier homepage could work. Feel like the imageboard format being basic is sort of the point though.


File: 1498280499231.png (40.6 KB, 131x254) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

We've had this look since 2015 and i think it's a bit stale. i don't want to go web 2.0/3.0 with it though and i feel like the only way to keep away from that is to regress in terms of web design to a geocities lite 1994 look
which isn't preferable to anyone honestly
i like the way the site looks but at the same time i'm always trying to think of ways it could be better
if anyone has ideas, email me or post them here please, i'd love input


also if you're into imageboard development and would possibly like to make something for samachan hit me up
i no longer have the time or resources to work on replacing our in house vichan fork but the plan has always been to get on a proprietary imageboard software of our own eventually


File: 1518568748012.png (18.89 KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

also since i'm making posts about the site, two things

1. if the russian retards who keep reporting every loli post across the site are reading this - loli is allowed in the USA and on samachan i do not care what is illegal in your shitty country. stop reporting this or i'm going to go back to blocking your entire fucking country

2. if you are interested in helping the site GROW, let me know. i like the people that use the website but i'd prefer it if there were more topics of discussion on here. the focus should always be growth until we get a good size


File: 37383091_p0.jpg (69.92 KB, 572x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's a loli for our russian friends
>if you are interested in helping the site GROW, let me know
I would and have always wanted to help grow the site, I think speeding up the general amount of posts would do a lot for us and getting more people is the best way to do so. As ever though I don't really know how out side of shilling on other sites and then getting banned for it. If you have a more effective SamaMissionary tactic in mind I'd be more than happy to carry it out.


File: 0e9d030b9922220b9e174fd972….jpg (9.15 KB, 127x179) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm interested in helping the site grow but I keep getting banned whenever I shill on the usual places and all of the people I know don't speak English. I'm not sure as to how to shill. Post speed is definitely an issue and if we could keep that up we'd at least be better at retaining.

As far as ideas for the site - it's tough because I really like the 'old fashioned' look of it. Most of my ideas would be QoL. How big of a change are you looking for and in what places? Main page? Threads? Catalog?


imageboards are not the only place you can tell people about samachan, and are probably generally a bad place to tell people about samachan anyway


File: 1379725806926.jpg (60.55 KB, 626x592) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What do you think is stale about it? I think the appeal of the imageboard is its simplicity and in all the years I've been using them the format is probably the only thing I've never had a problem with.

What other topics do you mean? Things that fall under anime/japan/general otaku subjects or more eclectic stuff? The users clearly have pretty diverse interests but all the currently on-topic ones seem to be accounted for on /z/.


Also I picked this picture because the colors reminded me of samachan but I also remembered the anime is cute and I don't remember the name but it's the one with that brunette with the massive ahoge, so if that rings a bell with anybody who hasn't seen it yet you should watch it.


Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku


i certainly dont want samachanners to be obnoxious spammers, and i certainly don't want samachan to be a website filled with a fuck ton of people. i'm not searching for popularity, but i am hoping to get the site to an eventual "several thousand posts a day" state. i want there to be active daily threads, or at the very least i'd like seasonal anime threads to hit their bump limit before their next episode airs

>As far as ideas for the site - it's tough because I really like the 'old fashioned' look of it.

i don't want to "update" it in the sense that it looks like some 2019 "sleek" macfag bullshit, i want it to stay in line with the design that it has now, but i want more differentiation between us and other imageboards.
> Most of my ideas would be QoL. How big of a change are you looking for and in what places? Main page? Threads? Catalog?

feel free to tell me these but if they're major changes just keep in mind I likely don't have time to program them atm unless it's something emergency that the site needs, but i still do want to hear them

>What do you think is stale about it?
we've had this look since late 2015, and the boards have had it since the site opened
it's been this way basically since the site opened and while retaining the simplicity/style of it, i do think it could stand to be changed

>What other topics do you mean? Things that fall under anime/japan/general otaku subjects or more eclectic stuff?

rather than "more topics" i really mean "i wish there were more people talking about their otaku/japanese/anime interests on samachan"
we don't have any idol threads, any threads about VNs, etc
there's just a ton of stuff i think COULD have a thread if there were people, but the userbase now doesn't have an interest really in those things. and thats not a reprimand towards anyone using the websitet, but more so a "it'd be cool if there were people with those interests who fit in as well"


I guess I don't really know where else to tell people of it. Most of my IRL friends who are into anime/japanese stuff have been told about the site but they by and large aren't the sort of people who use imageboards or forums. Same goes for the places online that I interact with people. I like to think that over time quality and an atmosphere different to that of most imageboards would attract people here but it doesn't seem to work like that, either because our name isn't out there or because regular use of a new website is a pretty big ask of your average person.


File: kkk don't think, feel.png (1.81 MB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ah yes you're right. How could I forget KKK.


The video games thread says VN in the OP and there've been a couple VN posts there but that's it. >>23353 probably has his mummy read him Wanko to Kurasou every night but other than that I'm not sure how many people here are actually into them. It's been a really long-ass time since I've finished one for sure. There were five different people posting about one on the thread just now though so who knows.

I know there are a few idolfags and computer/technology and military otaku here too but they don't talk much about that stuff. I think you'll probably need more users to bring enough density of interest in other topics to really get them discussed. It should probably happen naturally as more users show up and get comfortable.


I wonder how many people have shown up after flipping their whip to TL-san's uploads on sadpanda.


File: 11403051_10153478750389390….jpg (48.82 KB, 586x771) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I agree with samanon there that being basic is the point and the charm at least for the boards and I really like that the site loads instantly, we know that liveposting is also no good and certainly going forward and bloating the site with stuff doesn't seem good. Do you want just a change in layout like the 7chan one that looks a bit like forums of old? At the very least I can think of small changes like adding more links for image search (yandex, wait, panda), making the quick reply box bigger or being able to upload many images per post (say 3-4), and also fix the stuff about being unable to see posts instantly as they're posted, (I see the post on the home page and I can see the preview on page view, but as soon as I enter the thread to reply the post isn't there and no amount of updating works until coming back later).

As for the site, how about adding a gimmick? I can vividly remember dreamchan's deed board or these sites https://postbox.garden/index.html
due to their gimmicks, even guca has the live and "secret" posting coupled with the captchouli to make them stand out. Maybe a gimmick could help sama in the same way?

> if you are interested in helping the site GROW, let me know. i like the people that use the website but i'd prefer it if there were more topics of discussion on here. the focus should always be growth until we get a good size

I have been namedropping here and there lately but don't think it had any effect at all. And I'm iffy about namedropping on 4chins /a/ or /jp/ as it has become filled with many "undesirables" so I'm rather cautious as to which threads I do so.
And as for my activity I'm usually busy during the week so if I get to watch anime, read manga/novels or play a game it's on the weekends, which means I lag behind and can't really post as episodes air or post in threads of series where I'm several episodes behind as to avoid spoilers, thus I'm in the "thread support" or "finisher" (if that even makes sense) boat. Would like to post more and about more topics but I'm at my limit of what I can do, sorry about that samanons and samamin.


You should be able to resize the quick reply box. That's a basic vichan feature I'm pretty sure. I'm not sure batch uploading would be helpful at this level of activity but the extra image search links sound nice.
Really the only thing I've been missing from the site from a QoL standpoint is nokosage and that's only a minor annoyance. I guess an oekaki applet would be nice but I'd probably be the only one who uses it and I'm not sure if there's already a vichan module for it or if it needs to be written fresh or something.


Actually, batch uploading would probably be great for TL-san. It's kind of sad it took me that long to remember it has a use other than spamming threads to the image limit with porn.


Ah yes, I'm dumb and didn't notice the resize stuff all this time, thanks. The nokosage stuff seems nice and I actually wanted to use the oekaki stuff earlier this week on the samadraw thread, but I guess drawings are not discussion per se at this time, which is what Yuno and the site really needs from the looks of it.


File: 0cf6bdc0f64ac94bfd0457cc28….png (446.79 KB, 565x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

In any case, I'd like to help, but I'm not even sure where to ask
I only know so many people who know English and are interested in this sort of stuff. I don't use any other imageboards for the most part, or forums.


put up a picture of big boobs on the front page to scare off the lolicons


Yes, I'm thinking more of an updated look while still keeping it inline with the era that imageboards premiered in. I'm not wanting to bloat the site or make it mobile friendly, I just want it to be a bit more distinct.
Adding the links for more image search can be done and I'll probably start with adding an exhentai one when I get around to it. Nokosage has been planned for years at this point and is priority number one, but obviously html/css changes are easier to do live than PHP changes, which is what that would require. It shouldnt be too difficult but I do need to actually look at how the software handles noko and sage before I can start.
Mulitple image uploads is something I personally think looks ugly and just takes away from any post that isn't an image dump, and it'd also cut down on posts per hour due to 5 images = 5 posts. If we ever have a sole image board (just for images, no text) then I'd probably enable that there.

>and also fix the stuff about being unable to see posts instantly as they're posted

Hit refresh, this is a cacheing thing that is set that way at the moment because of the load it'd create on the server if we had an increase in traffic.
If refreshing doesnt fix the issue, let me know but it generally fixes it everytime I've encountered that.

>how about adding a gimmick

Feel free to suggest one. I can't think of anything at the moment. Having both a Live board and traditional imageboards on the same site, but we're just back to traditional imageboards now.

>And I'm iffy about namedropping on 4chins /a/ or /jp/ as it has become filled with many "undesirables" so I'm rather cautious as to which threads I do so.

I'm more than capable of banning retards, but I do understand having reservations about it.


Oekaki is something that is entirely pointless and I've never really seen a good argument for why it would be beneficial other than people saying that they'd use it sometime. I added flash support after people asked for that and its such a worthless addition that I could remove support and I doubt people would notice for months, if ever.
If we had an active artist community here it could be worth it, but as it stands it seems like an often requested feature that would not get used more than a few times, and if any of the posts have actual effort put into the drawings, doing it in an actual drawing program would be more beneficial.


I don't see samachan, or any other image board for that matter, ever making it past several hundreds of posts a day at their absolute best. Getting 50 posts a day is an outstanding achievement.

>Actually, batch uploading would probably be great for TL-san.

Do you realize how much I love reading my own posts? Do you realize what you'd be taking away from me?

I first made my translations to share them here but they've become a way of telling about samachan to outsiders in such a way that I see the uploads to exhentai as a certainty more so than an eventuality. Having said that,

Zero. I can think of at least 3 other image boards with their own translation efforts and I doubt they manage to attract anyone either. Doesn't mean it hurts to keep trying.


Its great and all to improve the site, but I'm reluctant to shill it on other sites. I think growth for growth's sake is generally a bad thing


In this case it's growth for the sake of having things to talk about, because there's only so much conversation to strike up when there's a dozen regulars. If we had four times that you could go into any thread and people might respond, and you could make manga or LN threads and have a chance at people using them.


People don't need oekaki to share doodles. They can open ms paint and draw there and actually have better tools. I get the impression that its more of a cultural thing where everyone is already constantly exchanging sketches and we dont have that culture.


File: samachan no midorichan.png (30.85 KB, 591x339) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Nice, thanks for the info.

>Feel free to suggest one.

Well this is the tricky part, what could be a gimmick that relates to what the threads are or could be about. The only thing that comes to mind right now would be making a board or threads that look like a VN window where the text displayed is the latest reply and the whole thread goes in the "LOG" button while classic VN music plays on the background. Then again don't know how to expand on the idea, guess one more to the bin huh.

How about online games? They still provide a reasonable pool of people to choose from.

I swear there was a post in the last month or two on /a/ about someone coming from a sama TL'd work and trying to make an exhentai thread but made it a reply instead inside a thread I can't remember, so not all hope is lost.


>How about online games?
Honestly I think this is a good idea if we got a sizable enough group of people playing at once, especially if the game encouraged teamwork or socializing. As an ex-lonely video game player I know there are few things more intriguing than finding a community to participate in.
I still think TF2 would be a great game to play together but apparently the SamaTF2 server dream is long dead…


I'm not sure if it's already present but flac support would be nice.


it always makes me excited whenever i see people mention tf2 because i play it all the time, hardly anybody i talk to plays it anymore if theyve even played it at all


Do you wanna play sometime anonymous?


File: Samachan X 01.png (54.02 KB, 1903x184) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Uhhhh there's something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear.


File: samachan X 02.png (297.78 KB, 748x902) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Now it's clear. 4chan X devs have gotten up to some shenanigans.


lol what the hell


Changelog shows samachan is one of the lucky 13 sites to be included in this feature. It's also mentioned in the "alternative chans" page with an outdated description mentioning /r/ive. Is samachan making it to the big leagues or is Yuno pulling some strings?


It doesn't even do anything except add the bar on top and mess up some of the CSS.


Add a tiny box somewhere showcasing the worst post of the X period of time


Why not showcase the best post instead


you got it dude


I don't like this idea…


don't worry i'm going to make a hall of fame compendium of everything you've written on this site


in the worst posts of all time hall of fame, if that wasnt clear


>don't worry
That makes me extremely worried! My posts are very nice!


Oh yeah I bet I’m a worse poster than you!


Well the thread watcher is nice to have I guess.

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