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File: DEATH MARCH! - ニコニコ動画.webm (19.36 MB, 1136x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


(ง 。Ì _ Í。)ง GANBARU Z☆O☆I


Aoba is a huge slut
Nenecchi is the real protagonist


I never liked the seiyuu's delivery of ganbaruzoi. She says it like がんばるっぞい when it should have been がんばるぞぉい. I'll never accept this line.


Nenecchi is a mega whore-slut, she feeds Ahagon in public.


Aoba shoves her tongue down her friend's throats in hot springs while pressing her naked body against theirs.


that's just how girls bond though
nenecchi is the sexual deviant: feeding girls in public is public indecency

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