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File: madomizu.jpg (177.46 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Have you seen any interesting dreams lately?

I just woke up from a dream where I was living in a banged up hotel room sort of thing and I got a new porcelain toilet seat delivered. I was with some anime girls who I recognized as my dead relatives and I extolled the grandness of a porcelain seat. After replacing my crappy plastic one I went to get breakfast from a donut stand in the hallway and waiting in line was an old friend I haven't seen in over ten years. We didn't really talk though and the lady behind the counter was singing some weird song about baking to the tune of the first stage song from Perfect Cherry Blossom, as she was bringing haggises and danishes and stuff out of the oven. There were two streams of the waiting line and so somehow I got in front of my old friend even though he was already there before me but he was already holding his haggis somehow despite that. He was still waiting in like though which is strange since you have to actually get to the counter to ask for something in the first place. Anyways I got a cream cheese danish and was going to get an apricot cream cheese danish but I saw a blueberry one so I got that instead and I also got a haggis. The dream ended when I paid and started walking away and bit into the blueberry danish.


The last dream I remember, per-se, was like two weeks ago and had to do with life honestly. Wasn't too surreal. I was trying to install some generic RPG, which wouldn't install, and then at some point I got very frustrated and angry so I went to get some sweets. At which point the dream shifted into some sort of interactive tutorial on how to make sweets, complete with a narrator reading the tutorial. I dunno what this says about my life.


Doesn't it mean you like making sweet things?
That's cute!


I dunno man
I mean I guess I don't hate baking but the whole dream seemed really bland and uninteresting.
Then again I guess not all dreams can be Shadowrun.


I dreamed that I was watching a live stream of someone sitting in class and staring out their window, anime protagonist style, while I lay in bed. Then I woke up and took a shower, But when I got out I lost all balance and couldn't stand, and had to crawl back into bed. Then later on in the dream I was fishing in some video game except when I cast the line out it fell right through the level and I was fishing into the blackness of the out-of-bounds area. Very strange but the last part is kind of cool imagery I think.


I dreamt while napping today that I was driving an AMC SC/360 Hornet down a long open highway for hours at like 120mph and then I got a really bad cramp in my neck and swerved and drove off the road and into a canyon, crashed and exploded. I didn't wake up though and sort of just watched my own body burn up from above like the lakitu cameraman in Super Mario 64 or something and then it turned into something like flying like an airplane over the canyon and then I was about to crash into the stone wall and woke up. Weird dream, it was as if I wasn't me but actually a ghost possessing me or something, kinda spooky.


File: 1570368930708.png (651.23 KB, 1310x1817) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I had a dream noteable for its high levels of continuity.

So tomorrow (in real life) I'm going to meet a friend. I don't think I was thinking very hard about that while going to sleep, but I was keeping it in the back of my head because I sometimes oversleep.

Now at some point in this dream I got really hungry so I made some sort of cup ramen, except in one of those massive soup barrels you sometimes see in old war movies. Then I went to shower, which was normal except for the part where the repairman came in while I was showering and we basically ignored each other. Then my friend came in while I was changing, and this is the part where I'm surprised at the realness of the dream because I asked her why the heck she was in my room while I was changing and then tried to tease her. I dunno what happened next.

Then it turned into sort of a nightmare because for some reason I had to go downstairs to talk to family and we all got super super mad and we ended up screaming at each other. I took the elevator back up after doing a sort of half-glide, half-fly to it, and even ended up spinning like a crashed helicopter after my foot bumped into a pillar. I dunno if anyone else has this sort of movement mode unlocked in their dreams. My headphones had apparently been damaged during the fight because when I turned them on they had a slight bit of static in them.

Then I came back upstairs and saw the pot the ramen was done. I called my friend (who had disappeared at some point) to confirm we were meeting up. It was a weirdly real dream, except for the part I was flying. Then I went to take a piss and basically woke up because for some reason taking a piss in dreams is the single biggest indicator that you're in a dream.

Totally unrelated picture that's also very lewd.


File: Creepy Sempai.png (1.31 MB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Writing it down before I forget.
One thing to note is there were actual relatives of mine and fictional relatives of mine in the dream. The actual ones were:
My Aunt
My mom
My dad
My cousin at the end

The fictional ones were:
My Aunt's son thing
My dying Great Aunt

Anyway, it was like some sort of family reunion in I like like a virtual reality log cabin/wooded area.
My Aunt had a son who I found out turned into a girl due to hormonal imbalances and stuff. One thing to note was he made a really androgynous girl. When my Aunt and mom left the two of us alone I naturally tried to fuck him when he was a girl, but as always when I have sex in dreams I thrust my pelvis forward, fail to penetrate, and then am interrupted. In this case I was interrupted by my mom and Aunt walking back in with me and the person naked with my front to his/her back.
They didn't freak out, they were just annoyed at seeing it and my Aunt was disappointed. She ended up confiding in me that he was a genetic abomination or part of the virtual reality and that she's fucked him too and hates herself for it.
While this is going on my dad had been working on some life power watch sorta thing to attached to the wrist of my dying Grand Aunt. It's super delicate and if it's broken before being attached to her she'll die. Me and him try to put it on her while on top of like, stadium seats in front of a dirt road, but she flips out and he's ready to wait a while. I feel like I've disappointed him for some reason so I try to put it on again without him to make him proud of me, and she ends up knocking me off the back of the stadium with the watch in hand. I hold the pieces together for around twelve hours, waiting there (I forget the "logic" in this) and then sneak past park rangers to get back to the cabin with it. My real life cousin, a little girl, exits the cabin with a double barrel shotgun and blasts two chunks out of my chest, thinking I'm a home intruder. The end.

It's dreams like this that honestly make me question my sanity.

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