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File: __original_drawn_by_koko_n….jpg (322.64 KB, 1100x858) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



What the hell


I was about to say cute robot, but why is the pilot getting her stomach filled with semen?


why not


If you're gonna go to all the trouble of making a robot to screw a giant you might as well get the full experience.


Yeah but the girl is clearly screaming in pain and she looks like she's imprisoned not a pilot


Full experience.


It looks like he's fucking her soul directly to me
Seriously what's going on


maybe thats her fetish


Apparently the robot uses the girl's soul to convert semen into energy or something. Someone who knows more kanji can read the moonspeak properly if they want.

It could still be her fetish though.


I wonder if the robot's tummy is transparent during all of this so you can see exactly what's happening


How is that any different from these?
A person's existence is being used for another being's pleasure, yet icicle gets a conversation about it while I get called sick!


It's illogical but it just feels different, there's less merging involved
See like it's basically just tentacle meatwall rape except there's another aspect to it
Your posts don't have an easy analogue to discuss with

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